I Can Hear You

Garon Whited

Have you ever considered what it might be like to be able to hear what people are thinking? Have you really?


Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Written a few hours after Inner Vision (yes lightning does actually strike in the same place twice), this one is for someone who continues to be an inspiration to me. I'm afraid I'm not one for titles, so if anyone can think of something more suitable, please let me know

Words to Ponder

Laura Chase

Another one of my strange poems that none of my friends seem to understand. I was in a philosophical mood when this one came out.


Emma Ådahl

Um, well. I wrote this after the avent that happened on February 1st. ****this is the 2nd version... at first I uploaded the 1st version, which I didn't want up...**** NO idea WHY I wrote it. x_X

Red Static (Song)

David S. Percival

This is a song me and Steven Bowcott, our band vocalist (and a better guitarist than I'll ever be) wrote a few days ago (March 14th, 2001 or so). It's about me, Steve, and Jen, a friend of ours, walking alone on New Years. The music that goes along with this song is...amazing. We wrote on the fly, in one jam session. I was on Rhythm guitar (I love the support roles- I'm a bassist at heart, i think), Steve was on lead (our normal lead guitarist wasn't there, and he seldom writes anyway), and our Drummer, a little guy named Rob, was on...well...Drums. Long story short, we had the best song ever come out in fifteen minutes or so. Think Deftones mixed with Tool mixed with Mudvayne, with a tiny slab of Manson thrown in for fun.

Double Look ~Poem~

Michael Smith

When to look, when to think, when and what to decide? Make your choice and be wise.

Contemplation (by Jill O Connell)

Jill O Connell

This was a story that came to me during exam time for college.okay I was dead tired, feeling really relaxed and soft and kinda dreamy in a coldish arts block on my laptop.thats the mood i was in for this and i hope you can see where its coming from.also i was listening to my immortal by evanescance and hold me by anne while writting so there you go (: enjoy

Sheltered (far from finished hope it to be a novel)

Jill O Connell

this is something i wrote quite recentyl (listening to eternal from evanescance and final fantasy music specifically 7)anyway hope to turn this into a novel I love my main characters name i was bored and came up with it ages ago!love the setting to mostly inspired by final fantasy 7 and reading marvel esk mang and comics  hope you like!

night of the vampiress

Ari Lowenthal

a short poem about an encounter with a vampiress

A Moment Longer Than Eternity

Maria Elmindreda L

Before death, every elf has a moment to think. This moment will last for as long as one wishes, that is why it can be longer than eternity. A short story about an elf's death and his thoughts.

Rainna's Tale

Amy Kim

Yes, another of Rainna. This took place before the barfight. She and her partner had been taken captive by an evil goddess named Hel. It's more of a really short 'what's on her mind' blurb than a story though. It was the result of Hel's experiments that gave Rainna her tale and her wolflike features.

Tempus Redux

Christopher Keefer

To tell you the truth, I don't really like this story. I wrote it for a contest which required the story be 600 words or less, so I had to pare away all the extrenous parts of the story...the parts that give the story flavour, if you ask me. Ah well, here it is anyways...

Wings of Love

Melanie Henderson-Lee

An excerpt from the life of one of the many voices inside my head


Dana Roth

This is, and isn't, fantasy. It's basically almost my own thoughts - I've gotten wrapped up in a lot of MU* projects over the summer, and I have to admit they're beginning to drain of me. So I finally decided to start cutting back a little bit . . . This was inspired by that o.o; I don't know if it makes sense or not, just a random thought-train.

Storytellers Thoughts

Kyle Schichler

This is a look into one some of the interesting things in my mind. And what may be the scary part for some is that this is quite literally, very similar to the way I think. Also what may seem like errors of punctuation and the like is how I meant the story to be read. It's a little abstract but after reading it a second time and thinking about the words, it should make sense. I based it off of a constant battle that I sometimes have with myself on what is light, or good, eternity etc. They can be very interesting debates, an I just decided to write this one out. Now the big questing is, what do you think? I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I had fun writing it.

VotFS - Prologue

Matthew Donovan

This is something new by me. A new story, a new way, a new situation. hehehe.

The Subconscious

Evan Harris

Written when i couldnt concentrate. What I said was meaningless. Its something we take for granted and something that shows how weak humans really are.

The Night Of The Twin Moons

Jennifer Berry (A shadow of the night)

I got itchy fingers one night, and wrote this...

I See And Yet I'm Blind

Nina Roussakova

This is a short poem I wrote a day before he broke up...

1 minute (poem)

David S. Percival

I don't usually write poetry, being of the masculine type. Nah, that's crap. I avoid Poetry 'cause I'm no good at it! Ah, well, here's what a poem by me looks like...