Traveler's Echo

Stephanie Collins

A traveler's thoughts as the road get's long.

Nameless (Part 2)

Keryn Everett

Part two of my hopefully good story. Ok somethings are still unclear at this ponit but I'm still working on it.. and the last part will most likely be edited soon.

I Can Hear You

Garon Whited

Have you ever considered what it might be like to be able to hear what people are thinking? Have you really?

The Sorrowful Piper

Brett Kirkpatrick

This little bit I like to call the Sorrowful piper because of what it's basically about. This is just a little article-type thing I wrote. I usually write these when I'm depressed, and they're all different. This one is just my favorite. They're not really fantasy, but it's 'Written by' a made up character of mine. So, um... enjoy. Yeah.

My Last Escape (sh)

Jonathon Parker

My first good short story! A frightning look into the mind of a tortured woman.


Allison Bridendall

A poem about fear. I'm not very good at poetry, and for that matter I don't like poetry that much. But anyway...

>Hour Before Dawn<

Scott Gajewski

...And just when you were thinking of something good too!

The Game

Shane Quinn

Another story I wrote in high school. This one is about a tournament fought in the Mindscape- a battlefield of thoughts where anything can happen.

Destiny Unbound

Michelle Chong

This is a story I recently wrote for my school's not that good, but I haven't uploaded any stories recently, so here you go. It's a bit cheesy frankly. I mean the's so surreal. ;p -Uploaded 21 November 2005

Breaking Reality ch 3+4

Vegard Lindtner

A man waits idly in his apartment. As the evening unfolds, he is made to question the nature of the reality around him. Has he somehow wound up in another reality? Or is there another reason entirely?


Al DiBianco

Ahem...once again part of the dragon story. See, i have these notebooks, and they all have different pieces of the story, and i'm trying to piece them together but i kind of skipped a lot...


Hillary Kent

This is a about a soldier thinking his last thoughts before he dies. A little depressing, I know. I was thinking about the definition of 'hero' when I wrote this, about the nobility that sets some people apart from the normal. Comments/ crtitisicm are welcome, as always.

Mixing it up

Jessa Loder

First off, credit to Travis (two clicks to the right, GREAT writer!) for the idea of surgically created animal-people. I got so very into the idea that I decided to try my hand at it, placing a character I use a lot with one. If I offend, I'll take it down but I still can't get into e-mail. *sigh*

For Those Who Know the Truth

Debra Turpin

I wrote this piece after watching 'Taken.' It just jumped into my mind and stayed there until I wrote it down. But then again... maybe I have always know.

Crawling in the Dark -- Chapter 1

j. calzada

Was listening to the song of the same title by the band, Hoobastank. The music is too loud for my taste but the lyrics inspired me to write this. It's pretty dark. The title should suggest that. I'm not sure with the category. It's scifi but I classified it under mystic. I don't know. Just tell me what you think.

Like a thought

Marta Demarteau

Poem about the wind.

A Vampires Thoughts

rebecca Gribble

Something that I woke up with in my head... It kinda just spilled onto the page this one... All CC's welcome, Thanks!

The Writer's Hand

Stacy Goll

A poem of writing.


Sarah Larson

So... I like writing poems... I have over 23 poems total... {over}

Thoughts of a warhorse - shortstory

Julia Rill

This is the second part of a project i am working on. I want to write about the same subject in three different ways, see how it comes out and which one i the best way. Nad truste me... it's hard!!! In so many movies or books you read or see warriors take off to battle on their trusty warhorses. But nowhere it is explained how these poor animals feel... until now. :P