C. Corbin

Ok, this is a prologue to a much longer story I'm writing, and it's based on a dream I had. I like it alot.

Three Visually Challenged Rodents: Another Nursery Rhyme Story

Erin Luce

In searching for accurate lyrics to the nursery rhyme, 'Three Blind Mice', I came across a website which gave not only lyrics, but also historical origins of this and quite a few other nursery rhymes. Apparently this rhyme refers to three rebellious nobles (the mice) who were burned at the stake by the queen (the farmer's wife). I can't help but wonder why small children would want to hear about such things as a nursery rhyme, so I have come up with a story behind the rhyme that hopefully is somewhat more pleasant, although I did take inspiration from the whole fire idea.

The Redeemer: Episode Three

Dustin Blanton

The final episode to Ezekiel's nightmare. Can he face his past and walk away with his sanity in tact?

Wolf's Defence

Peter Blair

The Big Bad Wolf isn't really all that bad. He's been viciously attacked by all sorts of folks out to tarnish his reputation. This story sprang into my mind right after I read Jennifer 'laieanna' Brown's 'Live at Six'. Perhaps she will rouse from her slumber and write some more (/not so subtle hint). ^_^ I always figured that there would be more popular references to the bad wolf in litterature, but I couldn't think of any that I didn't cover. If you think of any others, please let me know!

Three of a Feather (Part 2)

Erica Wilson

This is the conclusion of the other story, Three of a feather... It's left kind of hanging and I'm sorry, I'm working on the next one... Oh, and the point that i said it was about faeries, is because I find that Sirens, and the dryad family are a fae folk!

Bindings 02

Alia Jory

Bindings continues. Not much happens. Honestly. It's as much as I've got so far, but it's almost entirely two different sides to a story.

Days of Darkness Part B

Janice Holitzki

Part 2 of the eciting story featuring Mikhail and crew. Stay tooned next week for the exciting conclusion. The story's are lables A, B, C ect. so that there in order on the scoll.

Road to Peace (FF3 story)

Ivy McKnight

This is a mighty long and ongoing story, based on FF3 (Final fantasy 3). Remember that I started this about three years ago, and my style of writing wasn't that great back then. Not that it's that great now, but... anyhoo, I'm still writing it (cripes, it ain't done!). So, have fun.

Three Fine Ladies, Chapter 2: In Which Yet Another Person 'Awakens'

Cherie Campbell

Another short chapter! This one is written in Wesa's little point of view! ^_^ Co. Written/edited by Blythe Kinderknecht whose link can be found in my bio

Three Fine Ladies, Chapter 3: In Which an Unlikely Friendship Forms

Cherie Campbell

Just a continuation of the story! Rather long eh? We now introduce a new companion to our story! Co. Written/edited by Blythe Kinderknecht whose link can be found in my bio

Three Questions

Brian Buckley

This is a sonnet, the first one I've tried that's come out any good. I'm still not completely pleased with it. The rhyme scheme is ABBAABBACDECDE, which is a little jarring for the reader, but it was fun to try something different for a change.

Running Red Part 3

Carrie Ott

The third part of the short story, Running Red. Once again, I hope you like it!

Three Poems

Corinne Richards

Just some random poems, I like the first one the best.

Flight of Eagles Part Three

Bethany Holthof

part three, continued from part two... more to come

Days of Darkness Part C

Janice Holitzki

The breathtaking and aweinspiring conclusion to Days of Darkness. Ohh... Ahhh... Wow... Please leave comments. Please?

Prince of Wolves Chpt 3-4

Jennifer A. Menzi

Description of Chapters: Chapter Three: Thomas wakes up to find that he's now colorblind. To make matters worse, he goes downstairs to find Patches dead at the bottom of the stairs...later calls Kim to talk to her about it and asks if Billy can come see what caused Patches to die since Thomas is too afraid to touch her. *~*Mild Spoilers here*~* Chapter Four: Thomas buries Patches outside and feeds his cats before taking a nap and awakens only to find that his 'condition' is getting worse. *~*Slightly Major Spoilers near end*~*

Oshworld's adventure part three (Borg)

Edwar Occus

 If you are to read any story in your life, make sure it's one with Oshworld in it.

Three Fine Ladies, Chapter 4: In Which Our Fine Ladies Meet Again and Are Bullied into Joining a Quest

Cherie Campbell

Well, I think the title explains it pretty well! I'm sure you've noticed by now that my writing tends toward the humorous ^_^; Yeah, and Talc seems to know what the point of the story is. Co. Written by Blythe Kinderknecht (link in my bio)

House of Three Faces

Che Joseph Monro

A Planetside Story

House of Three Faces (1)

Che Joseph Monro

A Planetside Story (Part of the Planetside Project - with permission of the creators Vel Lehkonen and Matt Summers)