Alignment chapter 12

Keith Trimm

“I can’t let you do this,” Brenda said calmly. Sean didn’t have to turn around to know what she was doing. “This is wrong and you know it!” she added.

The Demon of the Rose

Jadon Pfeiffer

Tanis Haven is walking to school on one fateful day and gets dragged into a supernatural war between three rivaling groups in some place called The Realm.

Last Contact

Robert W. Anton

The perils of space exploration become all too real for an advance party seeking to make first contact.

Heart of Steel- Chapter 2

Danielle Fabor

  What happens after the thing most precious to Willow is stolen from her infront of her very eyes? Find out and see!

PK Chapter 1: In One Hour

John Diehl

 The opening chapter of my science fiction psychological thriller that follows a former S.W.A.T. officer who takes a job at a state hospital, and discovers a top secret project researching the psychokinetic phenomen.

Breaking Reality ch 3+4

Vegard Lindtner

A man waits idly in his apartment. As the evening unfolds, he is made to question the nature of the reality around him. Has he somehow wound up in another reality? Or is there another reason entirely?

PK Chapter 3: Lies

John Diehl

Dave's journey takes an even darker turn as Randy updates him on Grigore's plan.  He experiences an even stronger psycokinetic event. 

Alignment chapter 11

Keith Trimm

He checked to make sure his rifle had a full clip and chambered a round, looking down the barrel at the sights.

Alignment chapter 13

Keith Trimm

“Are you kidding?” Aquarius replied. “I’m ramming the gate. We’ll be lucky if they don’t have the barricades up by the time we get there.”

Alignment chapter 14

Keith Trimm

Sean blinked his eyes rapidly, as blood stained tears ran down his cheeks. “Make me an offer I can’t refuse.”

Tales of the Bounty: PT1

Robert Hughes

In the unsavory trades of the future, one can never be too sure of what the next bounty brings... as Talen Orteis soon comes to discover. The renowned bounty-hunter must piece together a puzzle of intrigue, murder, lies, and deceit within a hostile colony... more than his money is at stake, a genetically engineered virus has been released and it threatens to infect the entire colony.

The Pier

Adam Jacob Wright

A newly found relationship between Tyler and Julia is torn apart in the worst way possible when a memorial for an unexpected death takes place on Santa Monica Pier. It was a normal night until everything around them changed.

You Only Live Twice

Sarah AA

When Anne receives a video of herself that she doesn't remember recording, doing things she doesn't remember doing, her whole world starts to change.

The Wildcard Factor

Brandy May

This is it, the story that started it all. This is the first real short-story I ever wrote, and a condensed (for length purposes) version was published in the school magazine. The Wildcard Factor shows that Murphy's Law still holds true in space.

Alignment chapter 15

Keith Trimm

The backhoe moved forward and the teeth of the scoop made contact with the stone. Pressing on the gas, the driver spun his tires trying to force the stone to move away and fall back into the gate. It did not seem to budge.

PK Chapter 5: The Exchange

John Diehl

 A very short conclusion to the first act.

Devil's Haven: Chapter 2

Toby Lustig

The mysterious creature has struck again, and in comes Frank a frustrated detective, and Megan a beautiful jack-of-all-trades, and a face of with a powerful and deadly monster.


Anthony Ruybalid

Bad Weather in West Eagleland.

The Screaming Souls

emily mitchell

 The powerful sky spirits are the only guardians that remain left in the world, watching over our lands to keep peace and protect us from the soul devouring night demons. When an ancient evil has been lying dormant for over 10 centuries, it is awoken by its loyal night demon slaves in a mission to bring death to all life on earth. A girl named Luna must battle the devil creature and save the world from ultimate destruction!

PK Chapter 4: Bread Crumbs

John Diehl

Secrets and lies go hand-in-hand as Dave journeys deeper down the rabbit hole.