Chapter 4: At Court

Andrew B. Moses

Hey everyone, this is the fourth chapter(and my favourite chapter so far). It introduces some new characters. Sorry for the Typo's or grammer errors but I didn't really edit this and I suppose that I will come round to it in the futur but for now enjoy...

The Water In The Well Chapter 7: The Regentess

Tom Shine

Wow regentess isn't even a word! Oh well some poetic lisence is allowed, isn't it? Yeah, keep an eye on that regentess, she plays an important role later on...

The Demon I know

Wilma Anderson

A darker story I'm writing. It's not my usual thing but I'm begining to really like it. Twists, I love them. I hope you don't begin to hate Lonan right off the batt. Give him a chance, but yeah he's a bit of a bad character. :) Usually I don't make bad characters.

Sins of the Demon (poem)

Jennifer Macvicar

i've had to streach some of the rhyme a little but it worked out quite nicely. comments welcome.

Darkness Descends

Abraham Markley

this is the beginning of a story being developed in my brain... there are dragons in it. and there will be war, lots of war. heroes are going to rise and fall and some may even die a little...

Gwen, chapter 1

Esther Yu

The story of a princess whose father is killed and whose mother turns away from her in grief and hate, who recruits the help of her father's allies to win back her throne...and falls in love in the process. This is first chapter...I might no continue this...please comment...should I?

Natural Throne

James Turner

This song came to me during a roleplaying session online, I wanted a song that represented travelling. The story behind this song is of a small army of brave men, who for 10 long years have been away from their forest home in defence of those they love, or something along those lines, I am never quite sure ...


nicole shaw

A bastard prince in a stressful dilemma.

Raamok Tale Chapter 13

Michael Bloome

Raamok goes in search of himself, Zarron and Galdur have an audience with one of the God's



Perhaps time has come to pick up the pen and paper once again? This is definitely not my best work, but after a year's break I have to start small.


Hanna Koivula

Take a king, a suitably disillusioned seneschal, a poem and a hint of megalomania. Mix. This will likely ensue.

'Adenark-the land of the doomed'

Iveta fairy godmother' Ts. Malinova

This is one of my 'other projects'. 'Adenark-the land of the doomed' is my second book, but the story,described in it,starts before 'The Princess of Atalanta'. In 1560 of the creation of Atalanta,Maltazzar,the evil king-magician of the west realm Adenark, tried to create a powerful stone, which possessed many abilities.He,however,had to overcome all his enemies,before achieving his goals.

Maytain Chapter 2

Nina Jones

The second chapter, you guys know the drill, read and comment please.

Tis Day of Mine

Michael Juli

My day, through the filters of too many different view points, too many different universes. It feels like the real world spun through a dream of it.

Keepsakes III

Lynn Hollander

 So it's not going to be a simple human-style mugging, Taz thought.   I don't have to worry about being ambushed and hit over the head.  It's going to be subtler.  I should have expected that.  After all we are longs

Keepsakes IV

Lynn Hollander

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The Throne Room

Stephanie Rice

This is part of a larger story I am working on. to clear things up, Fayrin is Keroqui's sister and she has been gone for along time. A niadre is a braid wrapped in threads that is meant to show a person's status in their training and in society. A Dua’deae is a final step in the training involved in the kingdom I created and it basically invovles going out alone into the world and finding personal serenity. I don't want to reveal too much because I really want to make this a book.

Celeste's Travels 2

Chelsea Adkins

Here's the second chapter. Hope everyone enjoys...This is the plot thickening one...Hope everyone likies!

Vallis Prologue

Emily Lee

This prologue takes place decades before the actual story. It tells of the fall of Aséríl, and hints of the conspiracy behind the rebellion. One lord manipulated it all and stood to gain everything or lose everything. This is where it all began...


Ilya Gutner

A question of nobility.