First Kiss

Elisabeth Jones

written for a competition on Elftown called kissing in the rain. hope you like it.


Kyle Arthur

Well here is the second part in my work to keep the timeline flowing. Unfortunately I made some changes and so I'm going to have to rewrite the next chapter too. Heck might as well redo the whole thing, might change the story quite a bit too. I think the part I'm doing now can wait until I've explained the characters a little better. Let me know what you think of the changes made in this chapter. Mainly just the first half or so is different, I didn't change the ending too much. Sorry if its a hassle to go through again.

Thunderstorms and phoenix fires

Carly M. Bell

A poem about the death of a phoenix, instead of the birth of one...

The Horde of The Spider God

David Southam

This is a sample of my planned third novel, The Dark Alliance, from my first fantasy saga. The Wrathstone Saga is to be the first of three trilogies, chronicling the recent history of my fantasy world, Lahn. The Wrathstone saga tells the story of a young man named Rick, an orphan from the quiet town of Povelstone, who, after finding an ancient evil artifact called the Chaos Medallion, finds himself pulled into a tale of wizards, dragons and all things nerdy. Rick finds out, much to his dismay, that he is in fact the 'Godgift', prophecised by the Gods themselves to become a mighty wizard called Al Caiatar, the Etherlord, the only one who can stop the coming of the God of Chaos, Nahgaroth, and of course, save the world of Lahn. In this excerpt, he and his loyal companions have found themselves under attack by a swarm of Enrath, akin to giant spiders, but altogether nastier. Enjoy! Note: The term 'Shimzera Muros! Shimzera Raiadar! Halla ken far indigar Al Caiatar!' does not have an exact meaning, and cannot be translated into modern speech. They are simply fictional 'words of power', used by wizards to invoke magic.


Ruth Petroff

sudden inspiration, from frustration of not writing anything worth posting in months...finally, something!

Dark Legacies: Chapter 4 - Temptation

B Trimble

The knight in training, Darius Sommer, heads alone into the Swamps of Valitis. What he finds tests more than just his combat ability.

Sheltered (far from finished hope it to be a novel)

Jill O Connell

this is something i wrote quite recentyl (listening to eternal from evanescance and final fantasy music specifically 7)anyway hope to turn this into a novel I love my main characters name i was bored and came up with it ages ago!love the setting to mostly inspired by final fantasy 7 and reading marvel esk mang and comics  hope you like!

The Lone Wild Heart: Prologue - The Wretched Race

Christina Stoppa

This is the prologue for the first story in a series that I'm working on called 'Beyond the World of Reason'. In this prologue, Kuroi Ryuu (a mysterious being at this point) introduces the main character and sets the mood for the story.


Shuo Chen

Voodoo doll, perhaps?

Dancing a Storm

Hannah Smith

Inspired by Philip Pullmans 'The Firework Makers Daughter'.

Prophecy of Hope (Chapter 2 The Soul Collector) Book 1

Christopher Sillett

Kristena, Rhona, Alex and Kuvawa find themselves flung across the universe, stuck there with no way home.  But to make matters worse, an alien race known as the Tasions, a very powerful humanoid species with far superior strength, speed, agility, and explosive energy abilities want them all dead.  Note to readers.  As with the Prologue and Chapter 1, this is the uneditted version of the chapter 2.  Depending on the comments I get I may post further chapters.  

TCLN Haiku

Krista Williams

Sometimes when my dear friend Cardboard Hut (AKA Glo 'The Bug' Bowden, whose permission I have to post) is writing, she is in need of inspiration. That's when I write random poetry. Lately it has come in the form of Haiku. Enjoy! OH! DO NOT READ THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE READ UP TO PART XII IN HUT'S STORY!!! Otherwise I would feel a great pang of guilt and not be able to forgive myself for not sufficiently warning you!!!

The Lone Wild Heart: Chapter 20 - A Lesson in Courage

Christina Stoppa

Let the trials begin! Arcturus will finally begin his lessons under Kuriyami's guidance.


Michael May

This is an attempt to communicate that childish exitement I get when I'm alone on a dark evening, and a mother of a storm moves in... changing the atmosphere at it's whim. I love those rare occasions :) I picture a young traveler keeping minutes on his journey. Here is his ode to an encroaching storm.

Lost Love

Nicolei Arnold

A sad, yet heart touching, story.


Jackie Blanchette

a poem i thought up one night during a thunderstorm about souls left to wonder, alone and afraid

Eys of the Storm: Part 1

Michael Curtis

Eye of the Storm is my little origin story that I put together to introduce the character of Cyclone, one of my favorite characters from the Relic Series. So much so that he gets his own story before the main chaos pops off. This story is gonna be told more from the eyes of a new Metahuman, John Bunchannan whose known about his powers for a long time but is now in danger from some really bad people that want his powers for themselves. I won't spoil the surprise and tell you want his powers are but I can tell you it has to do with a death and that he works very close to the police. And that's all I'm gonna say. ENJOY!!!!!

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part XVI (Final Installment!)

Glo Bug' Bowden

I finally did it! And I finished at 12:15 am on December 26th! Only 15 minutes after my goal~ ...ok, technically I edited and added a new scene after I got up that morning... But anyway, the story's done, and here it is for your viewing pleasure. Repeat quotes from Faustus in here. Public domain - they are italicized. O lente lente, currite noctis equi means 'Oh slowly, slowly run you horses of the night.' La fraternidad de caos means 'The Brotherhood of Chaos' in Spanish. ,Dasvedanya, chestniy vraag, means 'Goodbye honorable enemy' in Russian. And I think that covers most of the translations. Enjoy. Be gentle. I intend to edit this manuscript without mercy soon, but for now I'd like to feel good about it. I probably won't come back to working on it for a few months. My mind needs a break from Trench Coats before I attempt to rework it...and believe me, the revision project will probably take about as long as writing the darn thing. In the future you can look forward to an epilogue...I think...if it doesn't morph into a sequel. Heh. Anyway. Enjoy. And please ignore some of the Deus ex's stuff I intend to tie in better (like Dark Horse's hat) in the...prologue? prequel? Thing that will replace Parts I-III? Yeah...


T Bertram

Storms bring out the worst in Flix, they really do, and this story is no exception. Flix is copyright of S Boxer and Smargorf is my own personal dragon.

Thoughts of a Dragon

Lizzie Bundick

What happens when a dragon has some time on their hands, read and find out.