Fallen Hero Part Two ~story~

Erica Martin

Reality comes looking for Tyranser in his new life, wanting to take him away.

My Mourning

Shaun Ingamells

Its a poem about a vampyre guy that craves and needs the love a human girl. They finally get together but at what cost?...

To Merge The Sun And Shadow

Laura Hildebrand

I came up with the first few lines while taking a walk around my neighborhood. I think the inspiration came from a story I've been writing: the Chronicles of the Vivanas. It still needs work, though, so I'll try to post it later. This is supposed to be a part of the many, many lines of verses inscribed in the halls beneath Weldekong, a city of dwarves. Supposedly, volumes of books containing the entire history of their world (Moa) are kept there. I won't give any more explanation about the story, but I will work on it and post it as soon as it is ready.

Hidden ~poem~

Erica Martin

This is a love poem...*shutters* I don't normally do these kind of poems, so I hope this goes over pretty well. It's kinda hard to explain, so check it out.

Twilight Sorrow

Shaun Ingamells

It is a story that is based on my poem 'My Mourning' that was originally done for an English essay but before i did it i had already wrote the poem and planned to base it on my poem anyway. So ermmm... here it is. Whoa! This is long I didnt realise how long it was and i can say quite confidently that it is the longest and probably greatest story iv ever wrote so yay for me. :) Oh yeah and igot an A* for it aswell so double yay for me lol :)

Into Death's Embrace

Natalie Myers

just a poem i wrote during Bible class. my friend said it was sweet and sad at the same time. enjoy!June 2009

Dad & Mom

Rianna Wong

A Dysfunctional Family,A Broken Home,Parents That Doesnt Love Each Other Anymore,Parents That Left Their Son. What more could Dimitri Mikaelson Carter take? Why is he even on a mission to get his family back together? Love & Life motivated him too.

Fallen Hero Part One ~story~

Erica Martin

This story is about a vampire who is misunderstood, but finds solitude in a new town, with new friends.

My Golden Days

Daniel Oehlmann

Another poem, hope you like it.


Ryan Barnard

A burning midwestern day becomes a bit different. Or maybe it's all a metaphor? You tell me.

The Creators

Tia Vorpahl

This was written about a friend I no longer talk to, but who is still very dear to me.



Yay! Finally I have ready my favorite excerpt, that I hope shows the conflict between Ian and Xanthippe in its entirety. As it says in the story, this excerpt occurs while Ian and Xanthippe are talking about Ian's guitar, and Xanthippe does something to tear her clothes; so she takes him with her while she gets some new ones. Sorry it's so long, but it's good, I promise!

The Brothers

Darla Moore

This is a brief short story prologue to the early lives of Talyk and his brothers.

'Final Battle' or 'Phoenix Tear'

Ruth Steinback

I don't know if this is any good, I don't know if I portrayed the characters appropriately, I'm not sure if anyone will read it or care. I am highly self conscious of my writing but I still want to know what others think. It's the only way for me to learn and grow. Basically this was a dream I had and it begged to be wrote down until I did. For some reason the BNL version of the song 'Lovers In A Dangerous Time' plays through my mind whenever I re-read it. I hope someday to turn it into a mini movie/music video. If I ever get good enough/have enough time. *crosses fingers* Well, read on.

A Witch's Fate ~ Chapter Twelve Final

Crystel Redknap

Cian finally gets to see both his children. Author's note: Sorry this took so long. I was not sure how to end the story.

Together All Alone Pt. II

Dustin Thornton

This is the 2nd half of Together All Alone. This wasn't edited when I went back through all of my old material and tried to refurnish it so remember it is definately NOT a good sample of my work. But enjoy!

At the Edge of the World

Rebecca Mosher

This story simply goes to show that love can endure through even the greatest trial, death.