John Blackham

This is one of my first ballads...i wrote it over a year ago...i personally think it's very weak in rhyme and rhythm, and doesn't make much sense...but it IS in a bit of background song for my Adzel series. I was going to make the Adzelian version of the Lord's Prayer...though first I have to design national religions...and the background of them...and...ya, you get the idea.

Gardeinia- Chapter 2

Natalie Rousseau

Chapter two.

Valmarion's Sword

Chloe Gill

This was a song that I was commissioned to write by a friend, who recited the story over the 'phone for me to make into the form of a lay, for a story that she was writing. This certain person is Elf obsessed, it's sad to note. ( ; D ) She is inspired by the likes of Tolkien, whereas I'm not, therefore I find this very boring. WARNING: It is very very long. I will give an honorary prize to the first person who reads it all the way through without falling asleep/getting up to go to the toilet!!!

Tales of the Righteous

Doug Clitheroe

This is a story I did in english class. We jsut read a bunch of the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer and our assignment was to write our own prologue, with at least 2 characters, so I went ahead and did 3 and here it is:-) a list of old english definitions is at the end, so you might even want to head there first:-P


Elena Larson

Er... Long car trip... Before I could drive...

Gardeinia - Beginning

Natalie Rousseau

The beginning to something that's gonna be long. But about two girls, Allyson and August, takign on forces of darkness in a tolkienistic way.

Gardeinia- Chapter 1

Natalie Rousseau

The next chapter.

Maiden of the Sunset

Elisabeth Garrison

So I was hit with insanity and wrote an epic poem. Stop! Don't go! Don't give up on me now. It's only an epic poem. I won't bite you if you read it. This was inspired by the Song of Beren and Luthien because I was jealous that JRR Tolkien could write rhyming narrative poetry, so I decided to try my hand at it.Ràthiel, Fallinel, and their sister Laiselen are elves who once lived among mortal men and are now distantly revered as something akin to gods. The Elirasen is known in modern ages as the goddess symbolising death, but in truth she was simply a human with a surprising history (which would take three epic poems to cover) and a knack for magic. She was found wandering in the Shandrian Mountains by Ràthiel (this is about three thousand years before my story Industry, which is set at the base of those peaks) and the three sibs cared for her before the Elirasen sought out her own people. She was aging towards grandmotherhood before the Elirasen- known as Vilverin to her elvish friends- thought to see her friends again. However, on the way, she was beset by her enemies, her guards killed, and she herself was beaten before Ràthiel and Fallinel found her. Throughout the countries of the Ironwall, time is not measured in hours but in quarters of the day, each presided over by one of the four. Funeral services always coincide with the setting sun, so that the beloved may be as one with the dear, mortal, immortal Elirasen, the maiden of the dying sun.