Society Set

Ray Valen

 Trish's reward for nabbing my 100th comment. Unfortunately she is no longer part of Elfwood so that link is broken. Old storyThis is actually a dream I had, and writing it was my attempt to be deep. In retrospect, I failed dismally. I think it has some untapped potential, which I would like to think I'll get around to tapping sometime in the future but for now it's not in the cards. DescriptionIn the future aliens take over the world and some people aren't very happy about that. 

The Ragged Man

Ian King

This is the sort of story I've always loved, the return of a fallen warrior.

Hidden Horrors

Laura Goude

My response to Creative Writing Club 'Fantasy' assignment (yay! finally!). This was fun to write!

To be released

Lewis King

An interesting story about a vampyre. Came to me after seeing Timothy Haldane's picture of 'Thane Solek.' Go see his artwork, it is very chilling and is pretty amazing. All I hope is that my story is as good as his picture. This story is not for the faint hearted though.

Introduction to Dark Tribulations

Jarrett Brown

Just an Introduction to my story I'm writing. Just want to see if this is cool with you peeps. . . really no reason to put this up at all but hey why not I guess. . .

welcome to my world

Craig Whittock

A prologue to a novel I have not yet started writing.

When the Shadow Speaks Part1/ Chapter 1

Leigh Me

The firey spirited Bregita wakes from another haunting dream in which she is called to save the sorceress queen Dirwan from her royal captor. But what is the source of the dreams? And why is she compelled to follow?

When the Shadow Speaks Part 1/ Chap 4

Leigh Me

Bregita and Geoffrey, with cunning and a little brute force, fight their way through to reach the queen's cell only to find out that she...

::Jason's story::

Mariska Yarzagaray

The semi sequal to Toto, though it doesn't feature Toto. Takes place in america. I wrote this in a verry stresful period. It contains alot of suffering, blood and gore.

Mercy and Merciless

Emily Karnes

An excerpt from my novel--hopefully finished within the year--Emerald Fire. The main character has certain impairments, to avoid spoilers...this is how she got them. Please, don't copy any names or original concepts. ('Therian' is mine! No! Off-limits! *makes little x with fingers* ...Please?)

dungeons and dog poo two

Karan Dunco

Umm...The second part of Kales story

Baron of Sanwick: The Spirit at Fergus Castle


The first 'Baron of Sanwick' story, this can be read as a stand-alone, or in conjunction with other stories in this series. Sanwick is a made up town in Northern Scotland.



A (quite) short story about a Teeraal, an ancient spider like demon, and being tormented by one.

The Scream

Shuo Chen

An inhuman, supernatural scream that you can't block out.

The Tales Of Fagelio - Chapter One - Part Three

Jayne Leonard

After recieving so many helpful comments on my original piece I decided to re-write my first chapter. After taking everyone's advice on board it has made a massive difference. I'm very happy with it and i hope you all are too. Please, if you take the time to read my work take the time to comment too. All comments really are taken on board and do help. (Oh! And this really isn't long enough to warrent being spread over four pages but i understand that a long piece is daunting and difficult to read on a computer so i hope it helps! =P )

Barely Free and Almost Alive

Kay Meyers

Chapter 2. Nikolai escapes... sort of.


If you have a weak stomach or recently ate something, I advise you not read this. The idea of this came to my mind while I was swinging in the dark above snow-covered ground one night.9th

Paranormal- Chapter 5

Erika Neumann

Amara gets captured and is not a happy camper about it. There's electrution and whipping and (*spoiler alart*) she get away barely.  But Dimitri isn't so happy about that...~I am putting this story at a PG-13 level because the next couple chapters get a little crazy.~

Shadow Master 1 - Prologue

Ray Valen

 This prologue introduces the two main characters of the story, as well as the mood. Be warned, it's dark and the story will follow suite. (Two pages)   18/05/2011: Submitted

Inevitable Return

Jennifer Rieman

nother poem, you still gotta figure it out