Michelle Hart

I wrote this when I was about nine or ten, and typed it in as it was on the written page as I think it has a certain power to it.

Lady Marin's Story

Emilie Finn

This story introduces a new set of characters from a coastal village in a country to the far west of Lauralia. I call it my Louisa May Alcott story, because it's written very much in a 19th century style. Part two is in my Other Works section. (Don't ask me why this one qualifies as fantasy and part two doesn't...)

Night of the Hunters (Part 2)

Faraz Gafoor

This is the second part of the 'Night of the Hunters' excerpt from my rewrite of 'Ascension of the Shadow.'

Do You See What I See?

Pamela Lehmann

Alitzia has been 'gifted' with foresight. But not just any foresight; she can only see pain, suffering, death. But she tries to help people. But by the time they believe her, they are already dead. And then the witchhunter comes. Witchcraft is against the law. And Alitzia sees visions. She must be a witch. And witches are burned. Warning: This story is not recomended for younger readers.

The Grief of an Elf

Elizabeth Ryan

This is to go with my picture, 'The Grief of An Elf', which depicts a male elf weeping over his lost loved one, who is not shown.This is his song that goes the picture.

The Hero: A Study in Watercolor

Eric Borden

A dark tale about a hero doomed to wander the earth after he fails to protect it... Or is it?

Echoes of the Chosen, Part II

Amanda Ellis

Well, yes, I have more than just the first part done. So, without further ado, I give you... THE SECOND PART! Yup. Not much to say. It is what it is. You learn the first person narrator's name now. That's good. I feel bad for him. But, then again, this is who he is. Enjoy! (Oh, I'm sorry that the transitions between the pieces are a little harsh. It's his style and, well, it's meant to be read as a whole. Hopefully my wonderful readers can forgive me. Can you?)

Triuncula Chapter 1

Stuart Ferguson

A farmer's son and a blacksmith's son compete for a great gift of fate.

Fallen Angel, Pt 4: Adaptation

Kevin Wiener

Realized that I forgot to publish this one in my last update. Sorry for the delay, here it is.

Maelstrom Saga: Book I, Chapter II

James Woodall

The worlds of chaos overflowing, the unknown evil is growing, the darkness is ever knowing. He lives his life unknowing the evil that lies within. Firgof, a mere mortal among the race of men.

The Siege

Rachel Armstrong

This is really the only attempt I've ever made at fantasy-style poetry. (I've written a LOT of poems, but most of them wouldn't exactly belong in the Wyvern's Library . . .) I know it isn't all that great--probably because rhyming is NOT my strong suit (all hail free verse!)--but I've always loved this for some bizarre reason. One of those 'pet poems' or something. ^_- The rhyme scheme is inspired by The Highwayman.


Marie Raven

A brief sort of legend spawning from true happenings in the lands of Tyresin Aeles. Note: It's still in its rough stages.


Patricio Gronda

There's a song of The Offspring that is perfect for this story. It says: 'Now that you're dead and gone, and I'm left to carry on, I could live again if you just stay alive for me' (Or something like that).

Maradon 03 - Helpless

Peter Sunnergren

The story continues and takes a turn of events that Erlan can not prevent.

Vincent ~ Part 1 ::Julie::

Megan Mcbride

This is a story about Vincent, one of my favorite characters, though I hardly play him anymore. It's the second story I ever wrote, so.. bear with me. Please?

Legend of a Sorcerer

Ilya Lastovkin

An old legend, spoken by a blue creature from 'A Tale of Moons and Symphonies', my upcoming fantasy book. Please Enjoy!

A Vampire's Tragedy: Five

Roehl Sybing

Chapter Five is somewhat the mid-point of 'A Vampire's Tragedy.' It's difficult to tell you what it's about without giving much of it away, only that if you haven't read the first four chapters DO IT NOW. :)

The Silent One

Andrew Ball

My first real story! I plan to set more on Kiryss in the future.

Elsiana chapters 5-6

Monique Anleu

This is the third installation of my Elsiana book (yet again I'd like to know if anyone has any names, leave them on my comments and I will take them into consideration) and therefore the fifth  and sixth chapters. The previous chapters weren't that good since they were written a little over a year ago versus these that are far more recent, so I thank you for bearing with me through the torture that was me setting the book up when I was twelve and experimenting. There's a little more romance and action now and I had some fun with emotions and different points of veiw. I would also like to address the fact that a few of my friends thought that these were diary entries and I'd just like to say that they aren't and I only include the date for the sake of not confusing anyone (or trying not to). Enjoy

A Vampire's Tragedy: Two

Roehl Sybing

Chapter two (YES! Chapter TWO!) of a little story involving the Reality Jumpers and their mission to...well, I'm assuming you have read Chapter One, correct? No? Well, go on, go back, and don't come back without Chapter One! :)