A Metamorphosis...of Sorts...

Amanda Van Fleet

It's not exactly a fairy tale...but more like the metamorphosis. It's sad, involves transformation, but can have a happy ending...if you want it to...

Dragon Warrior


Its a poem about a fight between a man that can transform into a powerful dragon and his enemy, I wrote it a few years back.

Liadan, Chapter 9

Abigail Scott

After hearing about the Birdshifters from Griffe, Liadan will do anything to know where they can be found.

The Lone Wild Heart: Chapter 10 - The Transformation

Christina Stoppa

I can't believe how much fairy tongue I've made up! I had to come up with more fairy toungue for this chapter alone than I have for the rest of them combined! Well anyways, in this chapter, Arcturus undergoes a transformation, as the title states. Enjoy!

The Dance, the Dragon, and Me

Danielle Hulsopple

A short story of a girl who becomes the host of an ancient dragon spirit

Flesh and Blood

Megan Balanck

This is a poem I wrote for a man I loved - before he broke my heart. Lots of flowery gothy vampirific werewolf imagery, all intended.

On the nightshift

Susanne Merz

A werewolf story. Quite short, so go ahead and read it ;). Oh and leave comments please, if it pleased you, or if it didn't. Any comment is appreciated. :)


Heather 'dragon princess' Smith

I know the title sucks, but this poem is definately the pinnacle of my black knight obsession lately. This took FOREVER, and I wrote it for someone very special to me. I hope everyone likes it. Yes it's long, but I've been dying to post it. PLEASE comment!

Liadan, Chapter 8

Abigail Scott

Liadan, being more than slightly shook up about the guard, listens to Griffe's story of how his home land was created.

Night's Garden

Rianna MacMillan

This is an exerpt (sp?) from a story I was going to write once upon a time, and that I may continue if I ever finish the one I wish to work on now. I like this little thing very much, and I think it stands on its own, but, then again, I also know the entire story. What do you think?


Ellen Million

A 40 minute writing exercise that is the prolouge to the Jenny-Bjorn stories.

Rose & Berg (Part 2)

Daniel Oak

Far into the future, two female soldiers undertake a dangerous mission to steal the fabulous 'space-curver' that has the power to warp the space-time continuum and thereby change the shape of the universe itself. The only problem is that the space-curver is not some wonderous technological invention, but an immortal witch-princess who is not merely the psychotic and despotic ruler of a far distant alien world, but also the only and treasured offspring of the Galactic Emperor himself.

The Black Rose Part 2 - Bakator

Andrew Law

Yay!! the second part is UP!! wooo! lol yea im a lil crazy this arvo...but you get that occasionally. I suddenly had the inspiration one afternoon infront of the RUGBY of all places!!and so i wrote it down, modified it a lil and tadaaa!! we have another chaptery thing...i hope you enjoy it!


Adrienne Romani

This is the beginning of a story that I started a while back. It's a piece I'm going to try exploring further, since it's my first foray into fantasy. Not completely sure what it's about.

Legend of Niara

Ryan Reynolds-Stickney

This was apparently written by a slightly more reasonable and non-hyperbolic minstrel than the Legends for the other two. It's got a Call/Response format, and each stanza actually addresses a subject. However, some of the English and rhyme is a little stretched, because I was thinking in Catian concepts, and this one I drafted to translate. Now the translation is up, and you can check it here. .... .


Jessica Frizzell

My muse attacked me in the middle of Japanese class. Very violently in fact. Sent me scuttling for a notebook. Here's the result

Celestial Legacy

Haley Blum

This story was originally a pretty funny manga that I drew. I hope it translates well into writing!

Fireborn (1/2)

Conna Stevenson

Interesting story behind this one... I drew a picture of a hybrid human-dragon and lo, he had no story to go with his bizarre appearance. I and a fellow writer each then did our own takes on the hybrid dragon's story, his being an alien story and mine being... well, this. So far it's one of my favorite projects, and there is more-- the second part is being written even now.

The Wizard's Daughter

E. Nadeau

Travel! Change! Excitement! Eeeeeevil wizards! Fair maidens! Handsome princes with contact lenses! People getting turned into aardvarks! Long, spiffy cloaks! People getting threatened to have their heads put on pikes! Talking haystacks! I ask you, what's not to like?

Unusual Attractions

Emily Faerber

Inspired by a dream I had. Sexual theme, but nothing graphic.