Dragon Rising

A. Ulinski

On a jewel of an island warded by a single, magnificent dragon, Aldara knew exactly who she was and what she was to become. But blood - both hers and the Warden's - has the power to change lives, loves, and celestial bodies.

Werewolf 'Sonnet'

Spencer 'Dra' Simberg

The transformation of a werewolf in Shakespearian style.

Loth Excuse Story 2

Yves Jacques

Story written on the fly to explain the presence of a portrait of my boyfriend in my Loth gallery.

The Dog Kissed Her

Erin Fiddler' Anderson

A random, very brief, musing evolved from a strange phrase that popped into my head and wouldn't go away: the dog kissed her. Here's one 'interpretation.'

Death's Tears Part 3

Leigh Erickson

Here we learn a little bit more about the Dialos, not a lot granted, but a little. Next bit on Garnor's story.

Death's Tears Part 2

Leigh Erickson

Not much to say really... next part of Garnor's story... again would like to thank Caitlyn and Sasha for editing help.

A Gift on Awakening

Steve Reed

If wishes were wings, some pteraphiles might fly ... especially if another civilization needs some help from its own past ... {Prequel to 'A Fine Feathered Folly,' with an illustration by Dean Lee}

First Change - part 2

Bryanne Hart

Eleven years after Isa's grandmother died is her first change....

Picture Story: Goldskin

Chelsey Carmody

Natalia Nikitin painted a picture that she called 'Watercolour-w.i.p.' She said she didn't have a clue what it was. I wrote her this story.

Memories of Tiir'Zaahl

Alon Rand

This is a character background for another role-playing character, this one current. There is at least some more to come on this, when I find the time and inclination to write it.

The Island by Amelie Part 2

Amelie Forbes

Marooned alone Chloe continues to adjust and adapt to life on the island. But is she beginning to adapt a little too well....??


Charlotte Geier

Imagine you are atop a lonely hill in the middle of the desert just at moonrise. Suddenly you are transported into a realm of myth and magic. You fall under a deep spell...


Charlotte Geier

High on a hill somewhere in mythical Greece, stands a lifeless old tree. Somehow its form seems to contain the image of an old woman. Passing below its leafless limbs is a well-worn pathway. A rounded stone seat fits into the spreading roots, and a dried-up water pool shares space with the stone. Was she enchanted? What enchanter has changed these forms? A fellow Lothlorien artist has illustrated this poem with one of her drawings. Please visit Joumana's gallery to view her wonderful rendition! http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/lothlorien/artists/joumana/joumana.html

Child of Eidolon. Chapter 5 - Conflict

Isabelle L Davis

Soul and Blackjack find themselves under attack. In the meantime, the conspirators' deeds may have unleashed far darker powers than they bargained for.

Tears of Transformation

Jennifer OConnor

A water sprite turns into a tree spirit. Written 9th grade.

The Lone Wild Heart: Chapter 10 - The Transformation

Christina Stoppa

I can't believe how much fairy tongue I've made up! I had to come up with more fairy toungue for this chapter alone than I have for the rest of them combined! Well anyways, in this chapter, Arcturus undergoes a transformation, as the title states. Enjoy!

This Stranger, My Friend p. 51-60

Anna Smith

Pages 51-60 of the novella.

Beast of Bodmin

Leif Moldskred

A story about predator and prey in modern day

The Princess and the Schnauzer

Erin Schmidt

This little vignette about sorcery, schnauzers and the power of romantic poetry is, for the most part, pure silliness, but I think that it's still one of my better-written fairy tales. I began it while I was in high school, and although it's been refined quite extensively since then, certain biases I felt at the time remain clearly apparent.

Charles' Saga: The ride to nowhere: Part II

Sergei Barr

Charles transforms into what he si to be until the end of time.