Torin's Tale

Max Rinaldi

Introducing a new member to my existing cast of characters: Torin, a freelance opportunist who has the uncanny ability to lay his hands on whatever it is you want. In this particular story he confronts ancient magic when he goes after the Sacred Goblet of Ashasa.


Kimberley Painter

I wrote this just before i went to bed...i just had this sudden inspiration to write something down. Its not exactly BRILLIANT but i like it! Oh course it kind of turned out more morbid then i expected...i swear i was only going to do a description of a beautiful creature!

The Legend of Taur

Joshua Price

This is a sequel to A Fate Worse Than Death. It is highly advised you read it first!  When I wrote this on 8/3/06, it was my longest piece ever, though now it regularly gets beaten by posts I make while roleplaying. Part of that length comes from a very long prologue to describe events occurring between its prequel story, A Fate Worse Than Death. I wish I could do without it, but its necessary to avoid confusion. This story also finally introduced Varus Dragonfire into my short fiction, which is ironic since he is my longest existing character to date. When I wrote this it was my intention to start on my novel afterwards. So, therefore, I put quite a bit of practice into dialogue and passive characterization, both of which I've gotten pretty good at. In fact, I already knew passive characterization before hand, I just didn't realize it. But anyways, I didn't start my novel after this. If I recall correctly, Real Life™ decided to give me a few swift kicks to the rear, preventing me from starting. I'm actually glad I didn't, it'll turn out better and I've improved the planned story quite a bit. An additional note to delay you in getting to the story: though Fated Destiny is also a sequel to A Fate Worse Than Death, it has no significant relationship to this piece. Failing to read F.D. first will have no detrimental effects upon your enjoyment or displeasure with this story.Update 11/17/07: Fixed the spacing, and changed some names to prevent confusion with other stories. Namely, Josh is now Isaac, Blade is now Varus, the Phoenix Knights are now the Dominion Guard, and the Atma Warriors are now the Crimson Legion.Note 2/15/10:  After rereading this story in considering updating it canonically, I decided that, to fix it, I'd have to scrap huge, huge chunks of it and rewrite them completely.  Therefore, I've decided to leave this story as is, typographical errors and bad writing included, and not update it.  I'd be too tempted to fix everything out of date with it, which would lead to a complete rewrite, which in turn would probably become out of date entirely again later.  That's what I get for writing important scenes long before my novel writing even nears them.Besides, I kind of like the more traditional fantasy feel it has (ignoring the sci-fi bits) rather than the more realistic fantasy spin my universe currently has.  To update this piece would be to lose that.

The Mink and the Hairy Man

Sally Catlin

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, it is said, fell asleep reading a history book and dreamed the famous poem Kubla Khan. When he woke he wrote down as much as he could remember, but was called away before he could finish. Well, I fell asleep reading The Collected Poems of Robert Service, and dreamed this, rhyme scheme, repeated refrain, and all. I wrote down as much as I could remember, and three years later sat down and finished it. It is heavily influenced, particularly, by 'The Ballad of the Black Fox Skin,' and by my recent reading of Watership Down.

The Dark Becomes Darker:Prologue Part 3

Dave Duguay

The End of the Beginning. Introducing little Jarm Arken.

To Dream Or To Live?

Jake Beasley

I'm weak, I'll admit. But not in my dreams... Yeah, this isn't the best I can do. I was inspired from my other story, The Observer, but now I'm thinking I can improve on this. Maybe with the next part...

In which there is a death...

Mia McCauley

Vinx the dark elf assassin takes the wrong life.


Mariette Rose

This was an assignment for creative writing class. Write a Villanelle

Raider 07: Setup

Richard Lorenz

Our hero walks into a trap and meets a couple of distressing damsels.

The Perfect Ambush

Aaron Robinson

Max and his band of dog-like canismen have encountered what appears to be the perfect ambush... This story was inspired by that fact that I think elves are sometimes a little overrated

Faery Calls

Charleen Eucogco

A little poem, written attempting to go for the Alfred Lord Tennyson style...


Anna Mortensen

As posted by the Devonshire Alley Critter Protection League, in coordination with The Feral Feline Education Society... *All illustrations are by Sadia Ali and used with her permission. I recently rewrote the ending. Everything runs a lot smoother now. Of course, that's not saying much...


Jenny Watson

Written through my beloved skitso character Alyre whom is tormented by invisible demons, and unrelenting regret. Enjoy...

Kismet: Will of the Gods ~Prologue

Alexandria Boyer

In a world where their gods have abandoned them, a group of unlikely heros must rise to save their home from ultimate peril.


Johnny Williams

My first real shot at a true fantasy poem. This could be about a faerie or a real person. I'll let you decide which one.

Azar's Web, Part I

Carly Williams

More candy for all those Siovale fans out there. This one will get longer but for ease I'm posting it delicious bite-size pieces.

The Purgatory Trap- Part 1

Sonya Sierra

This is part one of a series of adventures following the character Angel MacNamara.

A Warrior's Tomb

Morgan Grover

I try to sit down for an hour or so 3-4 times a week at the least and write. This is what I ended with tonight.I am not overly thrilled, but seeing that it is in genre with the whole fantasy idea, I figured I would throw it up on here anyway. Nothing deep, not much imagery, just a simple and straight forward poem. Meh....

Heart's gold

Nikki Drewry

Okay, I'm not sure this'll work. In case it does, I wrote this story for creative writing. It's about the only story of mine that's set in modern times... and that's because I showed it to dad while I was writing it, and he complained that my stories are always about magic and don't have any technology. Thus... I added technology. It doesn't change the story at all. There's just a touch of magic at the end.

Maxius Saga The Beginning

Maxius Rider

 Okay so here is one my earlier stories that I wrote, well a long time back from now :)It is about this young boy who on his Birth Day get a dramatic change in his life. The boy has no option but to look forward and keep moving on to where ever his destiny will lead him. It will be tough on him but on his travels he will make friends and learn more about his true self and the legacy that he now carries which was hidden from him all his life.This project started a long time ago but I never got to completing it.I simply felt like sharing my old collection here so Enjoy and comment as you like. Do keep in mind that I was only 9 at the time of this writing and I haven't changed any text while copying and pasting it here from my computer database. I will though enhance it when I finally decide to retake this old project but till then here is the Prologue to the Maxius Saga and the incomplete First Chapter in the next part labeledMaxius Saga ::: The Beginning CH1Chapter 1 will be named - The Mansion