Children of Innocence

S. Jordan' Zindel

A poem of how evil some demons are.


Jared Adolf-Bryfogle

Have you ever wondered why humanity is the way it is? I have. This is about how humanity is a lot of people do not care about where we will be in 50 years, about what we are doing to our fellow inhabitants, and to the earth in general. This is about the horror of this world as it is now.


Alexa Adams

Written about a Lisa Snellings statue that Neil Gaiman mentioned in the introduction to Smoke and Mirrors. A small winged girl offering a feather to a man outside her cage while her captor sleeps nearby...

Briars and their Roses

Cassie L.Rhodes

This is a fantasy poem about a girl who was trapped by magic because of her choices. Set in the middle ages.

The Cave

Clare Rushing

Not one of my better works, though I am still quite proud of it. Hope you enjoy!


Panya Raine' Smithe

ok, I went back and read this... I think it's too much alike... so this would be copy right Lena D. LeRoy if you ask me... 8/28/00


Sarah Murphy

This is actually a part out of the story I'm currently working on. Although I thought it still worked as a stand alone as well. Zenathae and Xanthol are the antagonists to the story. Zen is a demon trapped in a human body while he also poses as a bard. Xanthol is a sark elf who was once an elf. (Note: Dark elves in this story drink blood as its important to the plot later on)

The Nature of Things- Chapt. 1

Mariette Rose

The beginning of it all.



A (quite) short story about a Teeraal, an ancient spider like demon, and being tormented by one.

Mental Gymnastics Chapter 2

Samantha Garioch

The second chapter in my novel. This is as far as ive got so far

A Prison of Self-Deprivation

Mary-Melissa Wilzewski

I wrote the first section to try and explain how I felt when depressed, either that everything was my fault, nothing was in my control, or just plain helpless. My councellor suggested I continue it after I showed that to her, and try to resolve it. After working on it, I felt a lot better about myself, and had one of my few real stories.

All hope has gone

Sara Egger

Again an other story treating human kind. Yeah, well I hate it how we are wasting our planet.

To Dream Or To Live?

Jake Beasley

I'm weak, I'll admit. But not in my dreams... Yeah, this isn't the best I can do. I was inspired from my other story, The Observer, but now I'm thinking I can improve on this. Maybe with the next part...

Me in a Box

Stephanie Walls

Short Story ~ Completed: Have no idea where this came from. Its a weird little story that would really be quite an annoyance.


Hilary Aberle

About three years ago in an english class I was told to write a short story about either cloneing or envorimental issues. It's no great strech of the imagination to see why I chose cloning. I had been absent so it happened that I wrote the original draft in one night. The main character is a clone of a woman who has developed heart desease, and is fated some day to give her heart literaly to another. A year after that my creative writing teacher asked me to expand on the story a little and the result is what you see. I hope you enjoy it.

Shadow-Dancing, Part 7: Imprisonment

Rachel Armstrong

At long last, the flashbacks end and the plot resumes!I apologize for the heavy, heavy exposition here, especially when it comes to vampires. As I've said in some of my comments to part 6, I'm writing this story inside-out and trying to compensate with generous use of the exposition stick.

Trapped in a Moment (part 1)

Gregory Wollf

The happy life of a woodland fearie meets crisis when she finds herself at the mercy of spider intent on eating her. I was thinking in five different planes of reality when I wrote this thing so I'd be interested to hear how my readers interpret it. I'd like to persue publishing this story as well, so any comments about how to make it better would also be appreciated and honorably mentioned.


T. Laren

A poem I had to write for creative writing using certain words...which is why it came out kinda weird.

The Road to Elagar

Mike Reese

A struggling writer is sucked into the fantasy world he created. In this world he must stop the Necromancer from destroying the real world. Part 1 of god knows how many.


Jenny Watson

Written through my beloved skitso character Alyre whom is tormented by invisible demons, and unrelenting regret. Enjoy...