Amulet of Zareth- Part 2

Lauren Manglitz

Break in the action, to learn more about the characters and what the story is about. Please leave comments or suggestions!!!

Pains of Fire~~Ch. 2

F. Schultz

This chapter actually delves into the personality and travel of Kaiser, along with a lot of his past. Hope you all like :)

Chapter Three: The Lady of the Wood

Angela Fraga

Elduvil journeys to the east to seek for help and counsel from an old friend and kinswoman, in an ancient grove.

Chapter 5

Eric Gilley

Well, here it is, the fabled chapter five. Sorry if it reads like it was a little forced in parts, but it was. I hope you can all enjoy this one. It's called Stone to Flesh. I'd explain, but that would ruin the plot of the chapter, now wouldn't it?

The silver brooch - Chapter Four

Maria Elmindreda L

Did Miriel finally find shelter for the night ? Read and find out. ;)

Ashes, Shadows, and Dust

Garon Whited

Going sideways in Time can be hard on a person.

The Seven 6

Kathryn Gromowski

Who wants a character list? It's 114 names, but probably only about...75 are in the story right now. If I get enough people asking for it, I'll pop it up on my website somewhere, with a complimentary link. Anywho, this is just more travelling fun and whatnot. Some interesting stuff, but most of it's just giving me something to do next chapter. Lots of building in this chapter, not a whole lot of intense stuff, but you do get the chance to meet Epperron and Sur'da'dun. Aracil and Palua are coming...soon, I hope, and Hasharia...well, that you have to wait for until book (yes, BOOK) 5. Wish me luck! Uploaded: 12/11/05


Kathryn Gromowski

A mercenary-assassin who hates magic has been called back to his childhood home (which is a completely pacifistic society in a war-torn world) to complete a task for the monks who raised him, which involves penetrating a sorcerer's lair to rescue the most magical being in the monk order. Sounds like fun, ne? Uploaded on: 5/3/08

The Halfling King

Theodore Stimac

Gus comes home with an interesting bit of news for his family. This story came about after I finished writing my first novel and was all kinds of burned out. I asked some friends what they'd like me to write a story about. My cousin said: a Halfling named Gus. This is what he ended up with. Takes place within the Kith Universe.

The Seven 3

Kathryn Gromowski

Alright, guys, it's finally here! All bright and shiny and new. I finally did a map for it. Anyways, I came off a 3 month dry-spell a couple weeks ago, and this was written in about 5 nights. It's about 7-8 hours of actual typing, and probably about 2 more of thinking while I couldn't sleep at night/was bored in class. Sooooo, see the other 2 for more info, and I hope you like it!v (Woot! They all have teachers! And...all but one have familiars! And...most of them are going where they're going to train! I feel special!!!) Update, 12/28/03: Yea, it's not quite so brand spanking new anymore, but it's all shiny and edited and such!

Diaspora #1

James Hebda

This is my first and, so far, only written work on the galaxy of Diaspora

Futures Past Ch. 8&9

Michelle Lackey

So, now we enter the realm of what actually happened and just how out of balance Turbo really is. This deals with some explanation, but I rather like the fight. So far, Elyria doesn't seem really all that bright. Oh, and the world doesn't really revolve around Turbo... just so you know. Read on.

The Journel

Joe Arenal

The beginning of my story 'No Man's Land' in which you follow the main character by his journel entries

The Road to Ennion, chapters three and four

Louise Boucher

The journey continues and the plot thickens! You must have some ideas about what has been going on in Lorne by now and I'd enjoy hearing what they are, as well as the usual comments and constructive criticism. I hope you find this part enjoyable, there are even some comic moments. And I'd better mention my sister Rebecca who helped with some of the editing and laughed at the jokes! In Chapter Four a character called Asphodel(us) is mentioned, I can't give too much away about him but he's really important to the overall story and I love him to bits, really, *whisper* even more than Haydain! The next part is on it's way.

The Game 3D1

Jessica Cannon

Six Months In A Leaky Boat: Our brave adventurers venture for more adventure in their private world, chasing pirates and eating Kraken on a mission for the Khan? Will they catch the slavers, or will efficient law men beat them to the punch again? No matter, for they've been paid already! Will anyone find out what sequestered mean, and when they do will they hit Sam and Amber, or laugh at them, spilling liquid through their nose? Another riviting tale of magic and sourcery, and rainbow chunders! Have I been watching too many episodes of Samurai Pizza Cats?

Time Travel is Not a Toy

Ryan Brent Van Cleve

This is just an example of why i took the batteries out of my time machine and put them to better use in my Game Boy.

The Progeny of Gods: Chapter 4

Aaron Miner

The location of Ahrahushaan has been determined and preparations for the expedition have begun. However, Wyrdman is uncertain about what the future may hold.

Tayornh part 2

Erik Jensen

The continuation of part 1. Chapter 14 and 15 may be considered the lost chapters. They have been removed from the later versions, since they were the reason I grinded to a halt with this story originally. 5,566 words or 12 pages.


Joshua Young

It's just the beginning... and normally I wouldn't but something this unfinished up here (At least the Guardians Prologue is a whole section.) but I'm looking for some feedback to see if this is in anyway understandable. This story takes place in the same world as a manga I'm working on with a friend- a solar system in which the sun has shrunk and the Earth is dead, and the remanents of humanity hide away inside 'ARKS', which are part of the orbital ring mentioned here.... Anyway..... Yes, The main character is female, and yes, she is 1500 years old.

Chapter 03 - Dryads, part 1

Melissa O´Dowd

Squee - this is coming up quicker than I thought. Okay, here as the title suggests is some new characters. There's more than meets the eye with these guys, but you'll have to wait and see...