Untitled - Chapter 1

Michelle Morone

This story isn't finished yet and it's very short. Reading it is the intro.


Gioanna Rheumer

I was bored one night, and had nothing better to do, so I wrote this.


Nike aka LadyMin

And here's the second chapter. The original story has 136 pages by now, so there's alot to read yet. Be patient. ^-^ All characters, events, names etc etc are copyright to me!

Hunters: Part 4

Josie Barrett

Part 4 of my Hunters story 

Idle Tale

Isabelle L Davis

Very short story. Caevalonia's a big, big place and the long journeys can get a bit boring sometimes...

Jake and ethan

Craig Charles

this is something i wrote while at work and very bored :)

The traveller

Sara Dungavell

The journey is only more important than the destination if you don't miss the destination, did that make sense, i know this is corny, sorry, I was in a sentimental mood

For King and Country - Chapter 3

Andreas Fog-Morrissette

I've never really liked this chapter, it is sort of just there. I want to rewrite it in the future, but would like some advice first. Lance and his father travel to Uanor to put Lance on a caravan. During the trip old issues between them come back.

Elsewise - An Interlude

Becca Lusher

In which there is a cat. (No, I've given up trying to work this story out too ;)

The Old Mage Woman

Amelia Greenfield

Another of my poems that tell a story...this time from the perspective of an old mage woman.


Erin Washburn

People are always talking about Echo and how she wasted away... what about Narcissus? What does he have to say about life before his rooting?

The Unwanted Prisoner Pt 2

Jessica Cannon

Padpaw, Arthur and Roland find themselves in the company of dwarves.

The Ritual (subject to change)

Michelle Morone

This story is a part of a fantasy world I'm writing. If you want more info, open a telnet window and connect to mux.net 9876 ... and visit Adhalla!

A Place to Spend the Night Chapter 2

Lee Dvorak

The second in my series of stories about Belle Zohk and her best friend Maekelle Touy. This continues the story of Belle's return home ands swift departure with her friend Maekelle. Also it should be noted that this is the second part of my first foray into first person.

Elemental Alliance - chapter 3

Elisabeth Jones

The next part of this story shows the plot beginning to unfold and so, read on!

Familiars-Chapter 3

Elisabeth Jones

here someone who appears later in Elemental alliance pops in and we get a little flirty, or at least, I think this is the right chapter, yes it is. have fun.