Rhyme in my book

George Chang

So...no titles for this one, for there isn't supposed to be one...there are exactly nine syllables in each line...


Øivind Stengrundet

A treasure-hunt goes wrong, as the midnight moon rises through the darkness...

Chasing a Legand

Jacquelyn Dunlap

A pair of friends go on a quest in the Caribbean for an old pirate treasure. The treasure, however, has a terrible curse upon it.


Anna Dobrowolsky

She must complete her assignment, but the beast is lurking...

Dragons' Breath

Noa Shapira

(The title is temporary, I'd like to hear other ideas if you have any.)

Shadows of Death

Christopher R Regan

Starshadow journeys into the darkwood of his forest kingdom only to discover things that might better have been left undiscovered.

The Legend of the Rocks

Alison McKenzie

A pirate spends the last few moments of his life clinging to the rocks along the coast and reflecing on his life when suddenly someone shows up to change everything...to save him or to kill him, he doesn't know... he doesn't even know if it's human...

The Fiddle Back

Charlotte Williams

Dont try to Understand this Poem, Just Read it.

Ice Dragon

Benjamin Richardson

a poem about raiders finding their way into the home of a great ice dragon

Decieved Part 1

Richard Perez

A rogue and a demon team up to gain a legendary treasure. but but something is amiss

Gedyrstig and Rumheort

Christopher Watkins

In a land where dwarves and giants struggle to coexist, the unlikeliest of friends find the solution beyond war.

The Riddle

David Rookhuyzen

I wrote this due to my undying love for the Twilight Zone and when the boredom Muse struck me in English class. Written about mid-January after watching Twilight Zone Marathon. One of my first short stories of free will. Copyright David Rookhuyzen, January 2000

Pirates of the Emerald Sea

Karen-Birgitte Borud

My first ever pirate story! It's only the beginning, but still. Maybe I'll upload some more another day? You can find pictures of the main characters Isabella and Octavia on my fantasy and sci-fi art page. The first pharagraph of the story, written in italics, is my personal info about the world and not a actual part of the story.

Hidden Treasure

Luca McWild' Beltrami

I wrote this for my IGCSE english finals. Afterwards I liked it so I edited it a bit and posted it here. Sorry if the names aren't that original but I'm very bad at naming. I'd like to change them, post any suggestion in the comments.

Untitled Riddle of a Poem

George Chang

Again this is untitled...this was taken off from my english playlet script when I found out the this would be too intriguing for those taiwanese judges to comprehend...:P...so after being taken off, I had it changed a bit, and I'm thinking now if I should to put it into my book...(perhaps I will)

The Mouse who Went to the Moon

Lars Hellberg

A story about a young mouse boy who tries to save himself and his father from starvation, by seeking the fabled treasure of the Moon Palace. This is a revised, hopefully improved version.

She only wants to play...

Marius Ernst

...is what dog owners say when their pet runs along with you and snaps at your heels. Well, the fairy in this tale might be doing just a little bit more. This was my entry to the woodworks bad-fairy contest.

To Rob a Dragon - 2 The Dragon

Valerie Lamb

Next chapter in my little saga. George has tea with the dragon and a new character is introduced who some of you may find eerily familiar... Interesting little fact: This story has become an end-of-year project. I have the best teacher. I haven't gotten my grade yet, but I'll be sure to tell you guys what it is when I do!

The Treasure Seeker

Casey McCann

This was something I came up with early in the morning (or late at night, whichever way you view it), and please keep in mind I was slightly tired while writing it, thus the quick conclusion ^^;;;. I have edited some stuff that didn't make sense (due to the drowsy state in which I wrote it), and am considering making a story out of a plotline I developed from this simple short story.

In The Leprechaun's Cove


In which our hero falls upon a treasure.