They Cried Witch

Heather Nicholson

There was a picture I stumbled across once, never to find again with the same title as this. The phrase/title just kept running through my head until I just had to write...SOMETHING!

Torn - Chapter 5

Nina Roussakova

Okay, this is more or less an introduction to Raphael's new place. You get to know him better, that's for sure! It is also a lot about Acaia, and her 'witchy' problems.

Truth is a Whisper02

Colleen Klockow

The second chapter in my story (by the way, the first five or so chapters are all in Section 1, which is also the prologue :-P) Again, the itallics are a seperate entity, parallel to the others, think like someone writing a memoir while a war's going on. As always, I <3 nice critiques.

The Trial of Mages (Part 1)

Jason Romein

I started this one, but I am unsure of how to finish it. It has a good concept, but really, I suppose I got writer's block where this one ends (currently). I will most likely add to this, however. Comments will help me add to it faster *hint hint* =]


Stephanie Walls

Story ~ Sect 1/?:A girl, betrayed by her sister, must face a harsh trial. In the land of Temari, occasionally a sacrifice must be made to the phoenix to keep the land as it is. Narie, the sister of the high priestess is chosen for the sacrifice. This is a story I would like to work more on. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day.

Chapter 2

Kristin Crawford

It continues.....

One Final Test

Jimmy Knioum, Jr.

Part one of the 'Two Paths' arc. Sister Elene, an acolyte of an order of warrior nuns, faces her final trial before earning her shield.

The Legend of Korina

Lynn Wiffen

The prologue of what I plan to be an epic fantasy fic. There is a war raging between two factions of the Halfworld. Half want to break away from serving the gods and rule over the mortals of earth as they see fit. The other half are loyal to the gods, serving through time and trial, to protect the gods and the lives of mortals at all costs. This is a story of change in the heiracy of earths spiritual leaders, a time of crisis as two of the most powerfull halfworders are about to relinquish their roles. One for the sake of the greater good, the other, for nothing but evil and destruction.

Sirion's Companion

Alice Raven

This is a short script from Spirit Realm. I'm stuck where I am at the moment, so I went ahead and wrote the intro for this character because i love him so much, and he's fun to write about. Mreeheheeeheee! Lotsa constructive comments, please, but this is my baby, so no harshness pweese. ^_^

Dark Legacies: Chapter 5 - Trial of Blood

Walt aka 'Ryder Salice'

The elf raised by humans, Lorna Lan'Droe, travels to the forest of the Draule elves. She will eventually have to fight for her very life and much more.

Journey to Drekmore

Rebecca Evans

Chapter Two -- takes you deep into the heart of Wild Woods, where Princess Zarina and her entourage have been intercepted by the Speaker's men


Allison Starkweather

I did this for my creative writing class last semester. It had to be a narrative story--no dialogue. Not my preferred style, since dialogue is one of my strengths, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

Chapter 5

Benjamin Lein

Kari's trial. And what a trying experience...

Jeanette 07 So thats how it works

Erin Wilkinson

Jeanette discovers the nature of her magic by accidentally transforming a elf into a fox. This is unfortunately turned out to be a crime for which Jeanette is placed on trial. Her trial is interrupted by the word of one of the humans on the hunt being killed by the creature. When Jeanette learners that Fritz has survived the hunt She is overwhelmed with relief, and abandons the last of her reservations.

On the Bus

Jeff Karlson

I am aware it's probably judically inaccurate, but I like it anyway.

Raven, part 8

Karen aka Amethyst

Alright. It's about time I'm able to put this up! Sorry it's been so long. Meh. Read, give me suggestions, you know the drill. :-)

Chimed Melody

J 'Kai' Danis

Twisted curses, a magic ring used in anciet wars. Deadly bells, calling evil. Things walk the land that were in Death. Changes are made, worst fears become alive....

Imposible Dream Love Story Preview

Amanda Williams

This is a preview of the third and final part of Part Three in The Imposible Dream. It was created by popular request. I hope you enjoy and come back when part three is finally finished.

Dark Legacies: Chapter 5 - Trial of Blood

B Trimble

The elf raised by humans, Lorna Lan'Droe, travels to the forest of the Draule elves. She will eventually have to fight for her very life and much more.

A Love Beyond Question

Julie Golick

The companion story to 'A Love Beyond All Things'. The same events, told from Madir's perspective. It tells of why he went to the deep dream-places, and what he found there. Warning! This story contains dark themes and is not appropriate for children!