2: Sashen ch 3-5

andrew rowling

A bit more;) And a bit more interesting I hope

Slithering Sin

Robyn Petrik

Just a few words describing the work of the devil.

The Vallen Chronicles: Pathway to Oblivion

Erin Ford

Another Vallen story...

Wordless Agony

Alex Worth

---Another school project--- ...hopefully one day I'll upload something entirely unrelated to school...

Innocent 3

Morgan Li

Ummm... Part three~ this is where things start to pick up and the horror starts to intensify. Still a few tweaking things i need to work on, but i thought i would get this in ASAP

The Dangerous Encounters of Time Travel

Jan Inge Nygård

This is a story made by me! I did it at an exam lately, and recieved the best grade for it; a 6!! Here in Norway 6 is the best grade and 1 is the lowest, just so you know! Sorry about the weird signs... It couldnt be "translated" well enough. This sign (’) was actually '. And these signs: “ and â€ï¿½ were meant to be two of these: ". I hope you enjoy the story... Feel free to comment the story! ;)

The Magical Butterfly (Otherwise known as 'My Diary')

Caramel Hart

A dedication to the past, the present, the future and the Loch Ness monster. God bless your flippery little feet. Also dedicated to (in alphabetical order) Em, Kaffe, Meg, Nam, Ree, Trish & Sarah. Remember the good times. :)

Nature's Beauty

Tamara Thiersmann

Don't be lulled by the title too much...I won two diffent awards for this story...a third and a first place in two different writing contests.

The Trip

Tracy Felder-Bell

A More modernised story, but not very fitting for the sci-fiction section. Sometimes, in the deepest depths of inebriation you realize what most important in life.

Chapter 4 (The Farewell)

Joanna Wu

A 'little' paranoid, Talin gets ready to leave the home she lived in for seventeen years.


Jennifer Peters

a somewhat more traditional piece of prose.