Bella Feine

This is a prologue to some story which is playing hide and seek with me...and it has a very good hiding place!

History -- Chapter 4

Leigh Johnson

Preparations for a rescue begin and an interim ruler is decided on Chapter 4 of a longer story

Blood Moon

K. Moore

This is Shounen-ai! For all who don't know what that is it means, slash, for all who don't know what that is it is boy x boy, and girl x girl. That means gay people are in it! I only warn you, read the beginning for my deal on comments of disapproval. This story is mainly about two shapeshifters and two werewolves. It's not done yet. But it takes place in the woods, right outside a tiny village.

Epona and Abel

Victoria Bellamy

The start to my version of Tristan and Isolde. I added a bit of a King Arthur feel to this story, based on the scenes I picked out of books by Sarah Zettel. If you've haven't read any of Sarah's books, read them. They are really great! Enjoy the story anyway! I was also influenced by celtic myths. This is a story for my Godmother Heather Naylor, cause I know she'd like it and because she's so great and I think she deserves this

Dramatic Tension

Charles Clay

The characters in this story aren't connected to the 'main' story in any way. I just woke up one morning and decided that I wanted to write a fantasy story with no sword fights, wars of fate, midnight rooftop chases, or even any real danger. I suppose I wanted to prove to myself that Ennorac wasn't just a place for stories to happen, but a world that (relatively) normal people lived in on a day-to-day basis. So here is the sordid result. Let me know what you think.

Erollisi Lost Begining

Dustin LaBrasseur

In the process of being edited.

Cast of Characters

Chris Brant

Well, this is just to make things easier on some of you; plus, it helps me remember things. If you see discreptancies of some kind (besides my spelling of the word discreptancy) let me know. I like to be accurate. Updated Feb 2004.

The Elftale

H. Chute

Updated! (Joy!) Elves rule. Fairies... suck. Yet it's fairies who get all the fame! There are thousands, if not millions, of stories called 'fairytales'. So, I decided to give my beloved elves their very own 'elftale'. IMPORTANT: Just so it is perfectly clear to everyone, 'White Coral Bells' is not my own song, but a common folk song. Also, I understand that the fact that it's not indented makes it difficult to read. If anyone has advice on indenting HTML, I would greatly appreciate it if you would share your knowledge! Thanks!

Everything a Heroine Should Know (Ch 1)

Roriel Lim

Prince Tristan has to find a suitor immediately, according to Queen Belladonna, that is. Unfortunately, he desperately wants to stay single, which leads to desperate measures. A Grand Ball, several nice young ladies and one fine fortune. What could go wrong?

Let's Poke It...

Bridgette Chaffey

So, after reading the fantastic and very skilled Laura Soret's 'A Conversation With Ones Self' I was inspired to create this work of utter and complete madness. It was inspired by those three little words: Let's Poke It. It features Will and Tristan, two brothers who everybody thinks are gay... :D God, I love annoying my characters! Will: Ahem, dont listen to her! She's bonkers, crazy, mad, a few french-fries short of a happy meal, you know- insane, and she made that up. WE'RE NOT GAY, DAMN IT! Tristan: Damn straight we're not. Anyway, he's more of a pansy than I am. *Bridgette gets control of her keyboard again* Thanks for that boys, now- READ MY DUOLOGUE! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Enchantress Part I

Dustin LaBrasseur

Unfortunately the inspiration ran out on this gem. The first and last part. Thanks for the great comments guys. :)


Sascha Frank

I don't exactly remember how I came up with the original idea for this story, but I it was supposed to have a different ending. I changed the whole thing around it a little bit because I decided that I wanted to be able to use the two main characters in future stories. Well, this is basically my first attempt at writing a good short story that more than just a few people are going to read. What do you think?

History -- Chapter 5

Leigh Johnson

The eve before the rescue attempt has everyone feeling a bit uneasy. Chapter 5 of a longer story

Blood and Tears

Rachel Gogan

This is the story of my most beloved character, Tristan. I've had to split this into two parts because it was too big for elfwood to handle as one. It's got around... 40 pages up here now. I've written 85 so far... BUT... the second half is all fragments and its not ready for reading cause it makes sense only to me who has the master plan in her crowded brain. Please read and leave me comments!! I need the feedback [Update!! 05-09-01 I've added this link. I finally wrote out Tristan's family tree!! ^_^ Took me quite a while to write as well! check it out Tristan's family Tree My friend Amanda drew this picture of Tristan for me! Check it out!! Thanks also go out to Rae for the help in editing the section that was making me pull my hair out!

Blood and Tears (Part 2)

Rachel Gogan

Part Two =)

Something About Him

Rachel Gogan

Tristan has a good friend over at his tavern and a few serious relections are gathered there in his abscence. (A short piece on lost love and learning to live again.)


Rachel Gogan

This was written for Tristan. A vampire aged many years, carrying many hidden scars, a strong face to the world, keeping silent and inner struggle for sanity and survival.

History -- Chapter 2

Leigh Johnson

The new queen abducted, a young lord takes control of a bad situation. Chapter 2 of a longer story

Target Practice

Hannah Nelson

Something about that night was wrong. She could feel it in her head, in that part of her brain that told her when things  Strangers came and went, each one missing that twang of wrongness, and as the night grew darker, the storms outside louder, the feeling that the group in the corner, the ones with drawn hoods and low voices, weren't quite human grew stronger.Then, when the one they were searching for, The Target, came walking through that bar door, all that waiting and planning seemed to be worth while.  But just before they go to make their move, a scream breaks the heavy silence and their entire plan crashes down on them.   

The Ballad of Tristan

Melanie Füchsel

This is a ballad written for my mythology class. It includes an analysis at the bottom. FYI, After is a boy in a story I'm still writing.