Damian Lewis

This is a fantasy story set in the wild west complete with a 'Once Upon A Time In The West' homage(try to find it). This short but the nex two parts are much longer.

Siren's Song

Ruena Houck

A poem telling the story of a man being led to his doom by a siren.

Sparkflare the fox

Dylan Bruns

A Goblin general saves a village from evil humans.

Fortunes Fool

Elaine Bannon

a slightly funny short story about a hero that bravely ran the other way.

Realm Memoirs: Oberon, the King

Gertie Poole

Oberon, the dragon king of the Realm, a sanctuary world created to protect magical beings from mortal persecution, reflects on how the Realm came to be and on his own role and status within it.

Underhill, Chapter 2

Heather Heathen' Wright

One of the rare and elusive second chapters of a story. And you know what? You know what?! I even have an idea of what I'm gonna put in the -gasp- third chapter! Eeeeeee!

Child Of Pearl

Teresa Forden

Twelve little children is playing in the forest and disturbs a troll who is trying to take a napp. And it all ends, well, bad for the chidren. From that event, the story takes form. This is my second try at an english story. Please R & R <)

Ballad of the Witty Young Squire

Barbara Wickham

Written in my junior year of high school, I present for your scrutiny, this awkward bit of prose in all of its unedited glory. Many apologies in advance... :)

Defenders of the Realm. Chapter 1

Derek Bangay

Miles, the main character, is in the army camp outside Guardian Pass. The army has assembled to defend the upcoming threat.


Laura Weber

This is little more than a character sketch, really. I started playing a half-elf named Xaguna Lindenlyre in a forum called Mrinthals, and this was my 'entrance post' of sort. It somewhat introduces the character, but was also just me having fun, which is really what writing is all about, right? No continues on this one, just a stand-alone mini-adventure.

This Stranger, My Friend p. 51-60

Anna Smith

Pages 51-60 of the novella.

The Troll And The Elvyn Queen

Risiart Lloyd

A story about morals, who you can trust and who you can't.

TMC - Part 1 - Chp 1

R.E. Kankaanpää

The long-awaited start of my *THE* story... Troll&Mermaid&Centaur. Yeah, yeah, the name needs work. But here is the beginning and it's not quite as good as I hoped! ^^ I'm confident something can be don about it, though, so no worries. (mate)

Branwen Pt. 2

Brianna Nic Leod

Same as the other part of Branwen.


Mona Germain

Inspired by a little hut made of natural material.  A great eye seeks fairy trolls!

Empires Awakening: Prelude + Chapters 1, 5, and 7

Matthew Welch

This is a short excerpt of my first book. It is the initial chapter for the three main storylines of the tale, and follows their paths as they begin to set out on the adventure locked inside the pages of a story. I have completed the full text, all 22 chapters, and I am seeking to get this published.The story itself is a slight shift from the typical fantasy fare, as events are taking place in the relatively young planet, in just its second age. This is the time of great adventures and powers that set the stage for the legends and mythos of the ages that will come behind it. I do intend to write for this place all the way through the end of the planet so look forward to seeing this world grow and the pains it will endure on that path.

A Whimsical Story

Raquel Boyce

A novice writer attempts to introduce to the reader the fantastic creatures that inhabit his household.


Timothy Guise Stevens

A Troll and a Barbarian set out to prove their manhood, and Trollhood respectively in the tall grasslands. The Barbarian injures the Troll but they become friends and set of into the strange lands beyond the grass together. More to follow...

Deep Mountain Times are Changing

Christopher Cosby

Deep Mountain Times are Changing Times are changing for Deep Mountain. But can it weather the change? Gimil, Thimil and Timil, dwarven brothers are certainly trying to do so. Ultimately, the three brothers must quest for a dragon to save the mountain.


Blair Woynarski

A storekeeper takes a huge risk when he hires a troll to work for him in an all-human neighbourhood.