Eli Rose Chapter One

Eliot Grace

Eli Rose, through the Dunes, into the Hospital

The Dance

Samantha Knapp

This was a really old poem... but people seem to like it, so I'll leave it.

Chapter 02 - The Tunnel, Part 1

Melissa O´Dowd

Well here's chapter 2 (its in 2 parts cos its too long otherwise, trying to encourage people to read all of it). There's a couple of sub-stories that I'm having issues with (namely Jalithe's whole story) so if it seems a little disjointed in parts, this will be why. Any suggestions are as always, greatly apprieceted.

Muddled Magic

Emily Lacy-Nichols

Theran must overcome his mixed-up spellcasting if he is to save his kingdom and the feisty princess Alianore. Part One

Kyne Falling: Part 1

Allison Bridendall

The story of three sisters and a young man destined to hold great power. Part 1: Tobias' Intro UPDATE: This story put on hold until I can MAJORLY revise it.

Understanding Silence

Charles Trowbridge

'Scream Chant Wail Ringing Whine Honking Shout Squeek' This little list was found at the top of this paper, the paper it's self being found in a box of old papers from along time ago. I figure that it constituted as a peice of writing (despite it not being much). I'm gonna guess that it comes from a creative writing class which was named Metamorphisis.

Luck and Lust : Who Claims The First Move?

Brian Cook

Chapter three in the Luck and Lust title. A little bit of background information: I've had this one done for a week or two, but between the transfer from notebook to html and the new Elfwood look I haven't been able to upload it until now. This chapter is a tad bit short I know, but it was planned to be that way. The way it is does leave the reader with a thirst for explanations, and an element of suspense. In the third chapter, one has to wonder where the characters true intentions lie...


Jeronimo Brito

three kids, one story, no end!

Gee, still no title

Siobhan Williams

Spelth is under attack! What shall become of our young friends?

What Troubles I?

Shawn Reed

This is a riddle. The question I pose is- 'Who am I, and who are you?' (more as in 'what' am I, and 'what' are you)... It's also one of my poems that doesn't fit a general prose. Once someone has hit upon the answer, ye shall know.

The Slave Chapter One

Lizabeth McCain

About a slave girl who runs off only to run into more trouble.

The Realm: The Beginning

J. adams

This is the very beginning of a series i am writing about companions who seek to destroy.

Turn To Me

Richard 'WolvenBlood' O'Keeffe

I've been having a serious mental debate as to whether to post the poems I wrote for my ex-girlfriend Ali. One side of me thinks that by doing so I'm trying to hold on to what I have let go of, telling me that even just reading them is unhealthy; while the ther side regards the poems as some of my best work from a literary standpoint. I decided the latter, and so now you see them here.

The Caretakers Of Peace: Book I: Chapter III 'The Real Trouble Begins'

Joel Meredith

Chapter III is even more fun then Chapter II. It delves deeper into the personalites and pasts of the characters.

The Puppeteer

David Rookhuyzen

This is a story based on a idea I had at work. Typed it up real quick and thought it had potential. Goes along with my irony them. Copyright David Rookhuyzen/Thomas Pence, November 2000

2002 Phantom Avenue (Intro)

Kayla Summer

This is a lil story I thought of over the summer. It's not that great but it's my first one for Elfwood, this is just the intro I hope the others will be better. Oh right, and my BEST FRIEND, Emily Lynn McDurman still has to edit this little piece of art work. Enjoy, I have better stuff coming up.

False Heir: Chapter 4

Katie Hallahan

Chapter 4 of False Heir, a story in progress. A threat on Scira's life leads to a late night escape for her, Niemh and Scira, despite the friction between the heir and the apprentice.

Small Heros Prologue

Kristin Langlais

Two troublemakers get into more trouble then they had anticipated as they are captured my a dark wizard and his army of trolls.

Untitled - Prologue

Kim Moffat

This is a story about the Paranormal and some teenagers who are influenced by it.

Interlude to Darkness

Krista Moss

Sci-fi story...short one...reminiscent of the very LONG sci-fi story I haven't yet finished. I wrote the story as an introduction for an old RPG character I'm revamping. Enjoy..I hope!!! ^_^