My Mortal Maiden

Patricia Ulrich

This is kind of a response to Lindy 'Shanra' Kuepers poem 'Prince of Fae'. I kind of like it. Kind of. :P

A Love Story

Mary Chmielewski aka Maribel Zytka

A lame title, but for all the work I've done on it, I still can't come up with a good title. Anyway, this started as an assignment for a composition class, we had to write a story that was one page long, I was the only person who thought this was short!! This is the first of what I later called my 'Circle Stories.' Hope you enjoy. :)

Picture Story: Goldskin

Chelsey Carmody

Natalia Nikitin painted a picture that she called 'Watercolour-w.i.p.' She said she didn't have a clue what it was. I wrote her this story.

A Dragons True Heart

Sierra Sharee

This is a story to teach you not to judge people before you get to know them.

Love's Locket Lost- Chapter 6

Daniel Kroon

The group continues on towards Eagles Glen.

Together not apart

Mark Kramarzewski

Still not happy with the title, not really happy with the whole thing actually just thought I'd bang it up here because I can.

Soul Mates- Prologue

Daniel Kroon

This is an idea I had recently. It might not be an original idea, but I like it just the same. I'm not sure how much I want to give away, but the main characters have something in common with characters of my other story- Trouble Always Follows the Heroes. hint, the title gives it away... It is set in the future of Shacaw, the style and time is like that of the 1940's Earth.


Frances Gibbs

I was in a bit of an other-wise mood, at the time, if you can tell.. :P

The foulst beast

Brian Gibbons

I love this poem.....true to the end

Love's Locket Lost: Chapter 5

Daniel Kroon

New friends encountered, old friends and protectors are seen for the first time.

Desert Demon

Rachel Boyd

It is the evening after the village fair, and a traveller has a strange tale to tell...

The Jester - Ch. 1

Olivia Sinder

A/N: This is a sort of an introduction. You don't have to like it, just to reply. lol ;). Dedicated to my wonderful and amazing friend Snorca who made me do this!

True Immortality Looks At Life

Michal Goderez

From the point of view of a TRUE immortal...what our lives look like. Makes you feel somewhat insignificant? Me too. I likes lot, and though I originally did it all in italics, I can't upload it like that. Oh well. Hope you like. I was thinking recently what this would be like as an idea for a longer piece, like a very short story...hmmmmm...

True Story

Sarah Larson

A true story about my friends and I starting about Sept. 1 2000; there is still a lot of work that needs to be done and that needs to be put in.

With Heart and Soul

Theo W Wallis

Written as a reply to a love letter from a woman...I am being clear aren't I?

Fight for Aranorn part 3

Dan Baxter

 Elwin must create the Mirror of True Love to win back Shaera after Lord Harke steals her away. If Elwin can't create the mirror he will have lost Shaera forever

My Love

Alana Poirier

A bit more optimistic than the last one I wrote, but about love again. This time it is lovers destined to be together, though apart right now. Through fate, they shall one day find one another...

Protector Through Time

Deborah Postma

Ok, so this is the first (and probably the only) Vampire story I have done or will ever do. It's not gory (one because Elfwood doesn't like that and two neither do I...), instead its a love story, and quite an interesting one at that. Be ready for a roller coaster ride! (And no, its not finished either, but its in the works as well.)

The Silver Moon

Laura Boyd

Just a poem I wrote a couple of years ago about my love of the moon.

A Twisted Ever After

Heather Drake

A somewhat typical story that I was forced to shell out for an english class about two years ago. Needless to say, my writing has matured since then. The actually writing could use some fine tuning, but the story itself I love. Just goes to show that anything goes in fairy tales. I'd love some comments because (when I get the time) I'm going to rewrite this in my current style and would love to make it even better. I made a horrible mistake when I first put this story up. I forgot to credit the spells/poems to my friend Jodi-Ann. I had her permission, but I was so caught up with getting my stuff published that I forgot to mention her. Jodi is an incredible person who puts herself before others and is always there to help me. She is one of the best people I know. Thanks Jodi!