2243 AD: The Rebuttal

Robin Graaf

Jenda's side of the story..

Faeries of the Night

R.E. Kankaanpää

Written a while ago. I dislike the clichéd ending. Don't expect a change, because I'm gonna need a helluvan inspiration for that.

Complete Newbie's Guide For Evil Overlord's To Get A Reality Show

Alexander Damien

How does a fantasy villain gets a Reality Show? He contacts an anti-hero from a sci-fi space fortress, melts the fabric of reality and completely breaks havoc on reality!I'm not sure if I'll continue this....In fact, I'm not sure if, for the good of humanity, I should...

Story 2- Archaeological digs and Live Television

Sihe Lioz

Number 2 in my short story (possibly mini)series. If you enjoyed number 1 this, though short, is a recommended (by me of course) read!