The Prince of Twilight

C Bonadeo

This is the story behind a picture that I drew for one of my friends for her birthday this year. The picture can be found at Arevil


Christopher Manica

Ware thee the twilight...

The Sun Sprite and the Moonbeam Fairy

Anniina Jokinen

Screaming into the Wind

Debra Turpin

This is just a short poem that kind of popped into my head. I'm not real happy with it, but its one of the few poems that I've written recently. Thought I'd put it up for feedback.

The Twilight Niche (poem)


This is a just a little poem sent by my Muse to inspire me when I was stuck in a severe case of writers block.

Twilight Siren

Sarah Cosco

A beautiful Twilight Siren captures the eye of a young farm boy. But is she an illusion?

The Twilight's Warden

*Gasp!* What's this? A COMPLETE short story from me? Not just an overly long cliffhanger? O rapture! +) The Warden is my signature character and he actually has a real name, though the story doesn't mention it: Dameon Starwind. A good friend of mine, the magnificent lady Dusksong, drew a wonderful illustration for this story that you can view on deviantArt: Here's a poem that didn't make it past the moderators, but is nonetheless important to the character:   Down alleys swathed in shadow, 'round corners dark and grim; Through secret paths and lairs of wrath treads Dameon Starwind. A man of many secrets, from whom none shall leak. They say that if he gave the word the walls themselves would speak!   An eyepatch and a blackish hat above his crafty grin. A word, a sword, a cloak at night is often Dameon Starwind.  

Dawn of Twilight

Joshua Price

I wrote this on 9/19/2006. It was rather a spur of the moment piece, but it turned out very well. This story depicts my former persona, who slowly became his own character, just like Zeradar Kerrinor, Varus Dragonfire, and Isaac Tigerheart before him. While you do not need to, reading The Beginning of the End before this may clear some questions. Though for those of you who did, yes both pieces don't agree on some parts, and thats purposeful. On some other notes, this is my first story in a very long time without any combat. Its also was the shortest piece I had written for quite awhile. However, I am highly satisfied with how it turned out, so much in fact that I consider it my best piece that I wrote in 2006. And before you put your mind in a gutter and ask, the love mentioned in the story is like that between a father and a son, or any other pair of family members. UPDATE 1/15/07: Ok, maybe not a major enough update to warrant caps. Basically reduced the white space, corrected some typos, and changed a few words to make things a bit clearer.

Silence is Dangerous

Erin Latimer

You may have heard that Silence is Golden, and I do not deny that vampires do look as good as gold, but they can sure be dangerous, too. . . . You have been warned. Copyright Erin M Latimer(C) July 2008

Cycle of Balance - Chapter 1

Dabao Jia

This is the first chapter of my new story thing. It continues from the prologue. I'm still taking in any suggestions for names and any comments about the story would be nice too!

Anywhere But Here

David Daumit

A short play that details the plight of a modern woman who has a day none of us will ever (hopefully) be able to relate to. It opens with four commuters standing at a bus stop...

Night Watch Chapter 3

Kyle Arthur

Here is the third chapter of Night Watch. Let me know if you think I over did the psychic thing. I'm looking for input for chapter 4 and onward.

Night Watch Chapter 2

Kyle Arthur

Here is the second chapter for Night Watch. The story progresses and interesting plot points are revealed.

Night Watch Prologue

Kyle Arthur

Here is an entirely new story in what I think of so far as a new universe for me to expand, though think about how much time I spent on my existing set I may just keep this in that series. Well, I'd love to explain where this story is going, or what it is about, but I really have no idea myself yet. I need some time to think about it.

Lead Me In to Darkness

Christy Kassler

The lord of the night makes a mortal woman his queen.

The Twilight: Selesandra

Justine T. Phillips

Wahhh... my titles suck. Oh wellsy, the story of a young female ninja. There is a great incident, and her faith in her goddess is broken. By law, and the code of the ninja, she must take revenge, whoever it may be. But along the way, she meets someone who will either bring about her destruction, or help her save whom she set out to destroy in the first place. A little romance, nice group humor, drama, and (hopefully), a story straight from the scroll of legends.

The Everything Machine

Mark Chastain

A father and son struggle to capture the meaning of life.

twilight and shadow

Deanna Scott

The forbidden love of an elven paladin for a drow must surely fail... mustn't it? But no elf feels anything deeply without being inspired to song, and so, Khare, is this for you, wherever tomorrow brings us.

The Shadow Dancer

John Hamblett

This is an introduction post I did for a new character in a email based role-playing game. He is an NPC controlled by me, the other players are seated around the table.


Sabrina Buzzalino

Yay! I'm so excited and tired! This is my first story description!! *looks away and whispers* Okay, calm down, you don't want to scare them off before they get a chance to know you...*voice trails off as she realizes people are watching her* *nervous laughter* He he he...Riiight. Well this is a poem about what happens during that eerie time between sunset and the night. Hope you enjoy it! Comments are welcome. *Runs off waving* Cheerio!