The Surprise

Morten Leren

The is the continuation of 'On the Plains' if you haven't read that one yet go read it. Thank you. :)

A soldiers letter home

Frank 'coyote' Garcia

this is a letter to home from a soldier to his mother.

This Place

Nicolei Arnold

Innocence is not justice, and the price of assumption can sometimes cost more than you know.

The Cloud

Abigael Casey

This was also written in late 2001, when I was in grade 10. Our unit of study was 'science fiction', and the first task (which unfortunately never got assessed) was to write a short story with one of a selection of bad things happening. I chose the 'A cloud of gas covers the sun and wipes out life as we know it' kinda thing. This is the result! Hehehe! I'm especially proud of the twist in the end! ^_^


Emilie Katter

This one was Soooo much fun to write ^.^ I've always wanted to know what it felt like to fly

The Reminiscing

Josephine Broshears

The story is about the creation of a new species. The name of the species will be excluded as to the fact of keeping such beings a secret. However the story takes place in a Medieval history line, with a twist of fantasy and gore.

In The Leprechaun's Cove


In which our hero falls upon a treasure.

A Grimmer Little Tale

Zania Marais

*wince* Please no-one flame me about my unoriginal sequel naming. I know it’s horrible.Also I know this probably isn’t quite as good as the first, but then sequels hardly ever are. Either way I enjoyed writing it, which is probably what matters.Please feel free to point out any spelling or grammar mistakes you notice (no doubt there’ll be a few of the latter) If they’re not corrected, I haven’t noticed them which means unless someone waves a burning neon flag in my face and puts big red arrows around said mistakes or alternatively commenting on them, they never will be.*looks at the above sentence* Grammar mistakes in the caption does not count.Hope you enjoy! I would really advise reading ‘A Grimm Little Tale’ first before trying to understand this one… on the other hand, even after that it will probably still not make sense.

The Assassin

Amy Lawn

Another one written for school, changed alot since I wrote it though.

Vampire false love

Pamela Barney

Read the story!

Witch Valley

Annabell Uhrich

I like this story because I mixed indians and wicca together, duh...

The Witch

Daniel Rehbehn

How can you tell what is good and evil? The best answer I found is a quote from 'Silverhand' by Morgan Llywelyn and Michael Scott- 'What is the nature of evil?And good- define for me it's nature. Then explain to me how we can tell one from another. We judge darkness in comparison to the light. We recognize evil by contrasting it with good. But are such judgements easily made?'

The Last Trumpet chapter 2

Samuel R. Joseph

A totally different style from 'The Prophecy'; I was trying for a darker feel, focusing more on atmosphere.

The Last Trumpet chapter 1

Samuel R. Joseph

A totally different style from 'The Prophecy'; I was trying for a darker feel, focusing more on atmosphere. The story is about Garth, a tavernmaster in the town of Riverside...

Hell with a Twist

Brianna Kennedy

Just like the title said....

Twist of Fate

Amy Yancey

One of my favorite poems. I wrote this during my US History class while we were watching 'The Grapes of Wrath'

Winged Temeluchus


Another short story told from the point of view of a victim of a large, undescribably, horrible being. A winged demon, whose name he doesn't know, but we know it's the terrible Winged Temeluchus, a fearful demon straight out of Apocryphal Mythology.

Fade to Black 10 (new)

Tansy H. Pye

Well here it is, the long awaited new scene from Fade to black. Thanks to everyone who kept pestering me. I hope this doesn't dissapoint you. It is shorter than some of my other chapters, but it is also one of the more dramatic. It was difficult to write. I have now also given this story to a friend here, who has offered me some great advice on how to improve the story so far, to make it more publishable. So I will also start to update the earlier chapters... He thinks that the vampire needs a proper description for instance and also that I need to put more in about the freaks and not sideline them so quickly... well, what do you think? Any ideas?

Fatal Misunderstanding

Emery Hadden

Read it and fidout what its about! (duh)

What's a Maid to Do?

Deborah LaFleur

This is a poem I wrote in college.  I don't recall my exact motivation but it was probably something like Women are not always the weak and meek creatures they are portrayed to be in days of olde :)