Twisted Fairy Tale

Kaegan Cusenbary

The classic elements of all good fairy tales is captured here: a damsel in distress, a witch, a prince, maybe a unicorn and dragon thrown in. However, these classic elements act anything but normal...with a strong willed princess, a prince with a speech impediment, and a witch that secretly wants to become an author, anything can happen...


David Daumit

This is a very short, very dark tale about the things we are capabale of doing, things that even the people closest to us cannot believe.

Twisted Blood Glass

Tam Blaxter

This is a small spontaneous piece of writing that I did, mainly to play with the second person and present tense.

Wolf Leader

Kelly McCarthy

This was for a school project and the subject was "Twisted Fairytale". I twisted Lion King BIG TIME. You probably already guessed how much I did.That day I was in the mood for a fight and decided to include the dark and quiet wolf. My fav character is a black wolf with green eyes so that is the main character: ThunderHope you enjoy the read!P.S. My teacher entered it into a contest so I guess it's pretty good! =3


Bethany Holthof

There is a moment, in everyone's life, when they know without a doubt.... that reality is twisted...


Allison Starkweather

This is a story I wrote for an exercise on the Holly Lisle Forward Motion Writing Community. We had free reign, except we had it had to be twisted fantasy--fantasy with one element switched.

Not Your Average Little Red Riding Hood

Emily Graham

    My first elfwood publication, of course had to be something great. It's about a young fox humanoid, Vespa, and her dark disgusting secret. It may seem harmless at first, but I warn viewers that as the story continues, I plan for it to get a lot more vulgar, disgusting, and graphic. So, this isn't for the light of heart. Before you start reading; just let me introduce Vespa, the main charecter. She's a young, attractive silver fox humanoid with yellow eyes. Her fur is ticked with black hairs, and she always, always wears a red cloak, a red riding hood, if you will. Her eyes hide something... what it is couldn't be seen by looking at her; you'd have to peer deep, deep into her very soul, for she has a secret nobody could understand, keep, or have the burden of holding. On the outside, Vespa is a beautiful, happy citizen of her society. Nobody would ever expect her of commiting anything serious. Many of the people who know her thinkt of her as probably the nicest person they know. She is often sought after the other humanoids in her community. She desperately tries to not get close to anybody, in fear of them finding out her true self.  So, I hope this first chapter catches you and pulls you in to Vespa's dark road that passes anguish, blood and guts along the way, but ends with a twist.--Enjoy!!!

'Blind Tears'

Theola Faline

Altogether, my very first story on the Wyvern's Library!!!! I was incredibly....'on 'one'' when I wrote this. So, gentle, it's my first time....

A Grimmer Little Tale

Zania Marais

*wince* Please no-one flame me about my unoriginal sequel naming. I know it’s horrible.Also I know this probably isn’t quite as good as the first, but then sequels hardly ever are. Either way I enjoyed writing it, which is probably what matters.Please feel free to point out any spelling or grammar mistakes you notice (no doubt there’ll be a few of the latter) If they’re not corrected, I haven’t noticed them which means unless someone waves a burning neon flag in my face and puts big red arrows around said mistakes or alternatively commenting on them, they never will be.*looks at the above sentence* Grammar mistakes in the caption does not count.Hope you enjoy! I would really advise reading ‘A Grimm Little Tale’ first before trying to understand this one… on the other hand, even after that it will probably still not make sense.

Through the coldest eyes I've ever seen


Just a poem about the nightmares that haunt the darkness and echo through the minds of the demented, looking out from haunted eyes...

Sinner's S ong: Chapter 3

Crystal´-una´ Rodriguez

continuing in the flow of the SInner's song saga...

After The Princess And The Pea

Emily Harris

This is another creative writing assignment where we had to twist a fairy tale. I chose the princess and the pea, trouble is I couldn't find the original version of the story so I had to use one where the princess switched a bowling bal for the pea under the mattresses. Because I twisted an already twisted fairy tale my version is realy zany. (is that how you spell zany?)

Twisted (Chapters 1 & 2)

Blair Woynarski

Selena Dermot is a blonde high school bombshell without many worries. One day, she awakes to a world not her own. She is surrounded by strange creatures and a contorted mirror of the town she once knew. Selena must seek out survivors and discover what this place is, before it consumes her. (Chapters 1 & 2 of 8)

First, I'll be

Ashlyn White

I was asked to write a 'twisted poem' by my brother for his band. This is what I came up with, since at the time I was obsessing with the fact absinthe is legal in parts of Europe.

The Inquisitor: A Twisted Fairytale

Cara of the Universe' Jackson

A re-telling of Cinderella... only a bit different. Written for a 'twisted fairytale' competition... jury's still out on the winner. Bonus Points/Prize awarded to the person who can catch all the easter-eggs in it.

How far will you go?

Jenny Collyer

This is a weird, twisted story that is finished. It was written quite quickly so it needs some padding, but I like this one.

Watching from the Darkness

Kat McGrath

I came up with this from a little doodle I did when I got bored in class the My Sophmore year in high school...Neil probed me with a few ideas and this little poem was spawned to accompony the picture. Enjoy.

The Chosen: Elemental Spirit

Brian Smith

This is it. The big novel. This is my biggest and most time-consuming project at the time. I'll let the chapter speak for the plot. Expect some great plot twists down the road.

Discontent Travels

Matthew Woodyard

I basicaly was reading 'The Catcher in the Rye' by J.D Salinger, and thought I should try writting something from entirely a narrative point of view. This is what resulted. We have ourselves four basic characters in this part of the tale, the classic party of a D&D campaign, Minus the cleric. Of course, as you would guess, there is a large twist to the entire theme, and the characters are being developed from entirely one point of view. There is more here than most would find just by reading it once over. If you pay close attention, you can pretty much get an idea for just how the main character acts and thinks , not just about others, but about himself. There is quite a bit here if I do say so myself. There definately will be more in the future.

A Prose for the Twisted People

Kevin Hosein

The name says it all, folks...