Yes of Course

Chris Poole

Two bookkeepers find themselves on an adventure that takes them closer than they expected.

Flight of Eagles part Two

Bethany Holthof

part two, continuation of part one

The Redeemer: Episode Two

Dustin Blanton

Ezekiel is apart of a government organzation that monitors and polices supernatural activity. Can he find redemption from the demons within?

We Are Two

Amanda Hopkins

This is a little piece of poetry based off two characters my friend made up. The characters are Lady Fire-Eyes and Emerald Healer. She hasn't told me the rest of the story, so I don't know how it's going to end. Anyway, don't forget to make comments. :)

Chapter two - A stranger's hand

Ashley Bruce

This is the second chapter of my very long story which still isn't finished. There are probably quite a few typos... woops. I apologise for that now.

Faith of a Priestess Chapter Two

Laura Evans

In this chapter, Jaelyn embarks on the first of three quizzes. More to come in the future!

The Frown of Night Ch 2

B. Landon Hurley

This is the next chapter in my slightly disturbing saga about a man's adventures in the afterlife.

The Shadowmaster - Chapter II

Matthew Leach

Chapter Two

Elemental of Energy: Chapter Two

Elly McFall

Sorry to all of you who hate chapters BUT....I write in chapter format!

Crumbled Kingdom: Chapter 1. Son of the Aegis'

Dan Netzel

We get to meet Darius, who also gets to meet his family for the first time.

+Dreams II

Taren Nauxen

PROLOGUE: Our heroes from the first Dreams come back to battle again. This time it's a totally different conflict.

The Academy: Chapter Two

Catherine Isgro

Chapter Two.

The City and Untitled(poems)

Zachary Lome

2 short poems I wrote when I was bored after a math test. As such, it isn't that good.

The Fight

Lita Cranfill

This a 5 min. attempt at a poem or story (Whatever you wish to call it). I know it may seem really crappy, but if need to, give me some criticism. Every artist or writer needs some to improve their style. :-D Enjoy!

Tales of Altomia: The Box - Chapter Two

Skyler Crouse

Lauren Wiseblade was just trying to make his way in the world; namely, kicking butt, and avoiding having his butt kicked. Yes, he knows it's a girl's name. And yes, he would NOT like you to point that out. Follow Lauren's hilarious adventures with the enchanter Jared Starfist and the Takma Hurdill Mimsy, and how a certain Box caused the creation of a mountain. This chapter introduces the character of the rather obnoxious Hurdill Mimsy and some more humiliation for Lauren, because I'm that nasty. Note: You might want to read A Brief History of Altomia first before you read any of the Tales of Altomia. You don't have to, and it's usually more fun to find out about this strange world I have devised through the actual stories that the history, but, well, MEH. Also, constructive criticism would be just smashing, guys.

Dagora Khelian - Chapter 2

Andrea Smith

If you're coming here from someplace other than the previous chapter, I suggest you go and read chapter one. Otherwise, it'll be quite confusing indeed. The plot thickens here, and beware the end! Hope you enjoy.

Foundation of Soldiery Pt. II Arrogance and Pain

Chadd Las Casas

Krell and Gendor learn swiftly the dangers of overestimating your weapon and underestimating the warrior spirit.

Order of the Dragon: Chapter One

Rhiannon Jones

The first chapter! In this chapter you meet ALL of the main characters (a little overwhelming, I know) and get and idea of where they will all end up meeting each other. This mostly sets things up, things get a bit more interesting in the next chapter.

Chapter 31

Sara Dungavell

Ok, I just finished this chapter, there are probably lots of typos and places where things don't make sense, but bite me, I didn't feel like editing.

The Gift of Sight Chapter Two

Scott Houston

Yuki's adventure continues