The Swallow nest

Ana Salinas Norbakk

The retelling of the Arkethame wars. Chapter 1: Death and destruction

A Letter For Daddy

Emily Karnes

One of my rare forays into science fiction. A wealthy businessman receives a peek into his daughter's future and into his own.

The Trickster's Beads

Ash van S

I had to write this for my Algebra II class- we were assigned to write a fable based of exponential growth or decay. I didn't get a very good grade because it wasn't mathematical enough, but even though it's not in my usual style (I made it fairy-tale-ish) I generally like it because it involves large amounts of shiny things and surrealistic tigers.

The Tyrant's Guide to the Family

Elizabeth Hills

A How-To guide to the family for tyrants, covering all those special problems normal guides forget to mention. This guide owes a certain debt to Peter’s Evil Overlord page, which can be found at


S. Strand

After the civil war of Kayalana, the son of the lost crown prince takes up the crown. The overthrown tyrant is spared by a young king reluctant to sentence his last living relative to death. After the fighting has died down and the kingdom is slowly getting back on its feet, the former monarch is released from the dungeons to live in the palace as a pale shadow of his former, powerful self. And chosen by the king to be his servant is a young, carefree boy named Akari...

The White Fox

Anson Brehmer

When the dark forces rise, when tyranny rears its ugly head and the good folk of the world cringing beneath the heels of jack-booted sadists, the Society of the White Fox stands ready to strike a blow for free thinking, to preserve that precious resource that is the human spirit. The Society of the White Fox takes its name from an ancient fable about a Fox who learned just how precious freedom really is when all the other animals of the forest are captured by the King of the Ants, who puts them to work in order to make them live the way ants live, to bring peace to the forest at a terrible cost. Society members recite the story for potential initiates and, if the new member is sympathetic to the Fox's plight, they have the new recruit recite a vow. Presented here is the story they tell, and the vow of the White Fox Society. Have you heard the Parable of the White Fox yet, friend? (Last Update 7/8/04)

Prologue to The Way of Souls

Andrew B. Moses

This prologue is about a general called Dornall Foreman who is defending his island homeland against and evil tyrant called Mord Kahn. Please crtisize as much as you want!! Peace


Kevin Hosein

I wrote this the day before Christmas in the year 2001...I don't know why, though. Not my best work.

For Honour, For Freedom

Storm Blakley

who can presume to judge another culture, another way of life? one has a certain point of view, a certain perspective, that is entirely biased, and cannot truly be changed. such misunderstandings are the root of great pain, especially when one group claims superiority. while inspired by many true events, this story is purely fiction. any similarities to any person, place or event is entirely coincidental. this is not a story of revenge. it is a story about liberation.

Songs of the Downtrodden 2 (poem)

Kate Jennings

This is a lament for one who has fallen under the tyrant's hand. It is from a fantasy story in which the main characters belong to a downtrodden but quietly rebellious people. The lilies refer to the Lily Crown of the oppressor, the gold crowns are the money minted by the same, the linen is both a sign of the 'nobles' and an important trade item, and the mouth is covered because the people are forbidden to speak their own language. (I think the description is now longer than the poem!).

Evil Over Lord

Sarah Bevon

I got some of these ideas from a list about being an evil overlord. You can check it out here. Or, for additional lists (hero, innocent bystander, legions of terror, etc) here. First one has about 300 evil overlord notes, the second only 100. Spent social, english, and law classes writing it. Most productive day I've ever spent :)

Galaxy Apart, Chapter 5

Kyle Arthur

The squad is stranded on a small moon in orbit around Shanar. Will they escape and who will pay the ultimate price? Also introducing a new breed of attack ship, the super cruiser Revenant. Will it be enough to save the day?

Fall of the Tyrant King

Melissa Jensen

This is more of a song than a poem, from my story Amrin the Dreamer. Lord Dri was a wizard who could take dragon form, but died in killing the tyrant king. Though a song about war, the tune is lively. Something about Tyrant kings being destroyed tends to make people happy.

The Tyrant

Bryony Stubbs

This is my favourite poem that I've written. It's not really relevant to anything, but I wrote it because my sister wanted me to write her a rap... Which didn't quite happen. Meh.

3rd Identity, part 1

Amy Wilson

this is the first part of a three part story it was supost to be after a holacost and man had devided in to two groups but...well you make up your own mind

Shame on You

Hans Liu

It's about something, I'll give you that. But, I dunno, I didn't really like this one as much...Ah well, guess what it's about! And post a few comments, eh?

The Halfblood (Chapter One)

T. Smith

Not a very creative title, I know. This is sort of just a beginning I'm planning on developing into a story eventually. It's hard to give it a summary though. Basically, there's something of a war going on about a century into the future of our world. There are new creatures, monsters, etc. A girl is fighting with the resistance against a tyrant that has brought Man to its knees, and a humanoid creature most would call a monster searches in painful hope for a place to belong, outcast from even his own kind because of his mixed blood. Saved from otherwise certain death by this girl and her friends, he faces the option of either helping them, which goes against nearly every rule of his kind, or spending the rest of his life barely surviving on the edges of society. What no one knows is that his decision will affect the future of humanity, and ultimately, the world. Choose wisely, young one.

Dialogues in Fantasyland II

Noora Peura

Please see 'Dialogues in Fantasyland, part I' for description.

The Cruellest Of Wars

Pol O Brien

The historical account of the war which led to man's first downfall. It acts solely as a prelude to the future empire of man. It set the stage of a fractured world, with the immortals resenting the race of man.

The Night Tyrant

paige mortimer

A short story involving a young vampire protecting her assigned area. Untill she meets the 'Morgan'