Meeting Demuri: possible COD chapter

Danielle Staab

This may or may not be included in the final cut of COD. Here Memnoch meets Demuri, a dragon cursed to live out his days as a horror. This was inspired by a pic at the WickedMoon card site. Check it out, but don't let that dragon fool you, Memnoch looks nothing like that.

Corspe Carnival

Sam Miller

A descendant of the vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing fights through legions of the dead.

Shadows of the Twin Moons: Chapter Two

Erin Ramos

Well, I finally got it done. The muchly revised edition of the second chapter of shadows. Go me. I hope you all like this one better than the first edition;)


Gregory Rabbitt

Undeath in poetry. Written in October 2000.

Body in the Room

Greg Nelson

This one was a fun short story I wrote in creative writing. The assignment was 'What would happen if a priest found a body in a hotel room?' After it was done I took it home and revised it, lengthened it and typed it up. Now it's here for your enjoyment!

Guardian of the dead

Martin Hauser

A doctor with name Rick Thompson goes on a trip through the swamps in his car to meet an friend of him cause this friends wife is going to give birth to a child soon. Though at the end of the night, he will be the new guardian of the dead... azrael. This story was a heap of inspired through a long drive in the cold fog i had not too long ago.

Delayed Death pt.1

Michelle Lackey

Wow, what do you know? No horses, dogs, cats, or animals whatsoever except for a stupid little songbird that's far too happy that early in the morning. Eh, that's normal... 'Twenty years ago, life was normal. The world spun and people died when they were supposed to. Now, after your last breath, you get stuck on a five year or so waiting list. Why the delay? No one really knows, but that doesn't concern me. My only problem is staying alive for I drew my last breath long ago and haven't aged a day since. Everyone I met in the past has mysteriously disappeared and there are no traces of my existence outside of the military. Suits me just fine. Gives me time to drink a beer or two in peace. Too bad the military itself wants to know why.' - Lynn Laurens

The Catacombs (Excerpt)

Joshua Bacon

This is only a part of a much larger story. A chance for you to become familiar with the denizens of my imagination. I have a fickle muse, so Beginning-middle-end-happily ever after, is hard for me. I welcome constructive criticism. I've been told I use too many commas, (I'll work on that!) I've been told That's pretty cool, (Why!? What did I do right!? are you patronizing me!? AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!) Sorry ^_^

Glimpse - Battle

Cameron Benson

This is a glimpse into...well, it was actually a dream I had once. However, as abstract as dreams are, this is pretty coherant, and it's actually very close to what the dream really was. (Yeah, I have weird dreams.)

Freddy and The Watermelon

Annie Rings

If you start to read this story, please finish it. I know it isn't the greatest, but am damned proud of it. It was created as an entry into marcon, but I never got a response from them, so... oh, and vampire watermelons are based of a real myth, but strays pretty far from the real ideas.

The Tax Zombie Cometh . . .

Amy Schley

A day in the life of Ted Clark, business and tax lawyer. Part of the law series, though this isn't based on any particular cases. Rather, this started as a way of exploring some of the stranger sides of tax law. Believe or not, everything in here is good law. Note: this is an altered version of the original story. Unfortunately, in updating all the old comments were lost. I'm sorry!

The Story of Disaresta

RJ Cordell

A singled out vampire, vowed to take the lives of those who have slayed his and his sister's mortal life. Bent on revenge, he goes out to seek these vampires and drain them of every ounce of blood.

It Happens Tonight

Jon Fnar' Stevens

A very dark, gothic story about the undead's preparation for the assault on the living world.


Kirsty Morrison

This story is about someone being hunted down by a little 'army of undead'. I like it cause it's slightly creepy.

A Simple Trick

Daniel Kinicki

Good vs. Evil with a twist

Where Night is Law

Daniel Kinicki

A story featuring alien undead and the convictions of druids

Budget Meeting

Kareem Shaw

This is a young Cleric who fights the undead and such despite the fact that their numbers grow and spread nightly like an epidemic. The Cleric works with Paladin Maxxod and the residents of Apradent to defend themselves.

Forever Young

Lacie Scott

This is a VERY short intro to a story I am going to embellish. A lot. It'll probably be a short story, but I need to work out the themes in my head before I can put any more of it into words.


Haley Blum

This story also had its origins in my art. I stopped drawing it because it took too long, but it's a shame to leave it when I like the characters so much so I decided to write it instead.

The Queen

Piper Hurtherly

I like vampires, so they show up in a lot of my stuff. Despite the terror of being sucked dry of blood, there is something very sensual about vampire stories.