Erin Bankhead

Ayrie takes her new companions to Culruch, where Brannoch learns the truth about his identity.

Ranger, Chapter 1: Marked, Part 1

N. Henry

Nathanael of Wildrem Wood, under Desirae Dryad's care, grows into a capable young warrior with the Grace and protection of the Forest to guide him. When the Rangers come to claim him, will he be able to leave his beloved home and mother behind?

The Order of Xyrelias. Part I

Beth Wren' Sanger

Part I of my story about vampire horses, a bit different I think...

Gypsy Chronicles 2 (Proem & Chapter 1)

Jennifer Vega

A new life has begun for the Gypsy Clan; the Empress is dead and the Enforcers now have control of Crystal Garden. Some thought things couldn't get worse but they have, much worse, and some thing has come to Crystal Garden. Something ancient... something mysterious... but it's intents are still unknown...

The Vault

Jeffrey Casey

A pair of dwarves venture into a vault for a relic

Moon on the Water


A princess has her view of the world rudely challenged when a mysterious hermit disrupts the preparations for her wedding. Revised and re-uploaded. (Now with speech marks.)

Escape From the Underworld

Becky Reck

This is my oldest story here. I wrote it the summer before 8th grade, which was way back in 1996! That means it's about 8 years old. This story is VERY old and there's many things wrong with it, I know. I like the main concept though, and I hope to rewrite it someday.

The Key to the City - Chapter 5

Amanda Roberts

John Moreigh questions his brother, Nicolas's beliefs that William is truly the chosen. He takes responsibility for Elle being dragged into the mess and vows to protect her as long as she is in his custody.

The Key to the City - Chapter 1

Amanda Roberts

In the aftermath of a great catastrophe, two opposing factions are seeking to gain control of that which would fulfill an ancient prophecy.

Adzel Chapter VI

John Blackham

In Which Some Character History Is Revealed, And Another Character Is Introduced And Yet Another Comes Back Into Play...

Omega Chapter Two: The Underground

Kate Pirate' Riley

Ya I was looking at the whole explanation thingie I wrote for this one and it's very very out of date. I don't really wanna explain all of this again so just read...and if you don't get it then you should have read the first bloody chapter then shouldn't you lol x

Occult Cases

Henrik Lerdahl

OK, I usually don't do sequels to my stories, but since 'The Investiagation of Enquirer Rotier' became so popular I was tempted. Some people asked me to write more about him, and my first thought was that this would be hard, seeing as the main character has no personality to speak of. But my mind started working on the idea, and here is the result. Now, firstly, this story ended up almost twice as long as the previous one. Depending on how you wiew my writing, this may or may not be a good thing. Secondly, this time I plunged down into dark, icky horror. I'm afraid that this story won't measure up to the predecessor, since they are completely different flavor-wise, but I hope it won't be TOO bad. If you haven't read the first story, don't worry. I wrote them to be entirely independant of each other.


Katie Hallahan

I don't actually have a title yet, but I'm thinking I'll use this as a new take on a story I wrote a while ago. Iadeis (Eye-uh-dice) is the main character.

The Angel Puppet, Chapter Two

Jessica 'Foof' Hale

The journey to the Underground commences with Jesska and Gabriella, but run into a few obstacles along the way...

Paper Gods and Written Heroes

Marius Ernst

Paper Gods and Written Heroes is the title of my 2003 Nanowrimo novel. It mainly is a quest of the main characters to find out what actually reality is. This excerpt, taken from chapter 2, is one of the key scenes.

Tetiana: Part 12

Elizabeth Wilcox

Tetiana and Shard encounter some more difficulties underground . . .

Betrayal (story)

Sarah-Louise Mitchell

A short-short science-fiction story

Prologue - 'Untitled'

Charles Willett

This is an unfinished prologue to the comic strip or anime video, still unsure of what I'm going to do with it and what the title is going to be and still in production of it. Most likely going to be a comic strip. It's about AI attempting to exterminate humans on Earth and the humans escape to the moon to rebuild civilization. Some of the humans get left behind and build underground civilizations based upon old magical beliefs, some humans are mutated by a virus released by the AI, some humans escape to the moon and rely on technological advances to survive all the while encountering new alien races.

The Key to the City - Chapter 3

Amanda Roberts

After her parents were killed in the great earthquake, Elle Lindburgh joins the relief teams where she runs into an arrogant young man named William. She doesn't realize what that meeting will draw her into.

The Nightwatch

Aimee Smith