Once more for Paradise

Mai Zhang

One Library scholar finds out the danger of missing the forest for the trees.

blood and feathers

kathy couture

a story of greed and sorrow

Hanetsuno: Episode III

Cyllya Chandler

'We're doing this for the children who have yet been born. We're making sure they have a good tomorrow to be born into.'


Meghan (Apocalypse)

This story is about Yaryn girl named Saeyn, pronounced Say-en. She has had very mysterious things happen to her, and now, her story grows even more mysterious then it already was.


nigel pyne

Flash story set in Edadh where a fisher goes for glory but finds too much danger

My Life Used to be a Fairytale

Rebekah Williams

“Finish your lessons and go to bed. You have a long day of preparation ahead of you tomorrow.” And with a final laugh, she was gone, the door closed tightly behind her. I was so infuriated, I threw a glass bottle against the wall, and it shattered into a million pieces. But that didn’t satisfy my anger. I started ranting the worst oaths that I knew. I didn’t know many, but I had learned a few good ones from the fishermen in the harbor. I repeated them over and over in a loud voice until my anger started to ebb. It was replaced by panic. She couldn’t marry me off! She couldn’t, not without my approval! But what was that? Asked a voice in my head, Compared to her power, nothing. No, I would be stuck with whatever dreary, pompous old pig she stuck me with. And he would match that description exactly, or maybe be even worse. That I could count on. So that’s when I decided to escape.

Ten Fathom Station

Che Joseph Monro

Out of the Ashes of War rises a new civilization beneath the sea.

A Story (part 1)

Greg Boyer

The main character is revealed... as well as her plight.

A Story (Part 2)

Greg Boyer

NRRRG! I hate these things. Expect to hear more of Eldirial, stuff happens, thunder peals loudly and lightning strikes inaudibly... *insert something profound*

Prologue for 'A Story'

Greg Boyer

This is the prologue, quite obviously, to 'A Story', aptly named, in part because I hate making up fitting names. Anyway, this will cover a bit of the land, and ocean, of a world that I am developing, helping the reader understand, to a degree, why two different races dont get along, and also give an introductory setting.


Emily Harris

This story involves an under water city and one of the horrors of the deep. O, and just to be clear the monster is native to that planet not earth.