Freedom In Hell, chapter 2

Brooke Schwartz

ahhh the second chapter. of freedom in hell. I hope people will be impressed, cuz i guess chapter 1 was a failure. if you like chapter 2, youve gotta keep checkin in for chapter 3, cuz youll love it.

Angel of the Night (part 2)

Tayla Waterworth

Lorenz story continues, this time told from the point of view of another vampire.

The Demon Lord of the Earth part 2

Petr Sirucek

 Second part of my story.

Heroes These Days

Jordan Galeles

Here we find this well-known hero going about his twelfth and final labor - bringing Cerberus from the underworld, only with a twist... Aside from a slight plot and name change, there's a slight generational gap in communication that lends itself to the comical nature of the story.

Prologue to ?

Rebecca Whipple

Eh, so this is the beginning and I don't have a sad...:(

Escape From the Underworld

Becky Reck

This is my oldest story here. I wrote it the summer before 8th grade, which was way back in 1996! That means it's about 8 years old. This story is VERY old and there's many things wrong with it, I know. I like the main concept though, and I hope to rewrite it someday.

His Immortal Soul (prolouge)

Mandy Vissering

This is a strange little prolouge to a story I might get around to writing someday.


Sheena Boler

Imagine a world of the unknown lurking in the darkness.

Chapter 5

Emma K. Simon



Jennifer Macvicar

yet another depressing story by yours truely. i was in a daydream when i was watching a thing about the sewar kids and it sparked off a lot of ideas, including this one. set in Teratoniya.

Death... and Beyond

Nathan Ritter

This story is about a person's journey through a slightly altered Greek Underworld.

At Last

Anita Chen

What if everything you believed to be morally correct was, in reality, immorral?

Wolfrider Chapter One

Kevin Groesbeck

Chapter one of a story I've been writing forever, as yet untitled.  In this chapter, a man goes on a journey to the Underworld trying to reclaim his lost love, a la Orpheus, but complications arise.  Read on...

The Moonchild's beginning

Catrine Sandal

This is a short story I wrote on the bus on my way back to the city where I study, sometime last winter, but I didn't translate it to English before recently. It's not really meant to be much, it's a story about the main character of my novel, about how she came to her foster mother. Some clearing up: Rittru are underworld creatures, living only in some places in the world. The moon, and the additional magical moon, is their power of life, and they only come out at night and in the 'grey fog'. A Shame Widow is the local village's name on women whose husband dies before any child is born. A widow can never remarry, and it's a huge shame for a woman never to have a child.

The Frown of Night Ch 4

B. Landon Hurley

Part four of my slightly disturbing saga about a man's adventures in the afterlife. Comments welcome!

The World All Before Them Ch 10

B. Landon Hurley

This is the next chapter in my slightly disturbing saga about a man's adventures in the afterlife.


Ree Tjeerdsma

Ancient Egyptians believed a person's ka, one of several souls they thought everyone had, would transcend death and reach the blessed Underworld. Modern man has not made that journey easy. Written 1998, probably to shame my present self with my past moodiness.


Kirsty Morrison

Yes the title is meant to be like that! This is a poem about a sorta Underworld place. The first line popped into my head outa nowhere and its taken me a while to write it down coz I've been pretty busy. Its kinda creepy in a way, all those damned souls #shudder# As always, lemme know what you think!

Seeker's Truth: The Taos Hum

Morgan Grover

This is part of the ongoing project: 'Seeker's Truth'. The Taos Hum is a low frequency hum / throbbing noise that is heard my the citizens of Taos New Mexico. There have been multiple research projects that have looked into the noise, along with several theories. It was also featured on Unsolved Mysteries. You can read more about this strange phenomenon at the link below.

Raamok Tale Chapter 5

Michael Bloome

Raamok continues his recovery in the hospital ward as he talks to his younger brother.