The Dragon

Katrina Evens

a poem about a horrific dragon

Red Crested Unicorn

Ezza Stevenson

It is about a Re crested Unicorn which i often like to draw, they are my own, made up breed of unicorn, i'll have to draw one and use it for an illustraion when i get the time, lol/

Gold at the End of the Journey - Return Of The Unicorn(Chapter 2)

Samantha Papworth

The sequel to Once Upon A Unicorn, it explains more about what is happening, to Aletea on her journey to the gold.

Dream a Unicorn

Lori Anne Alcantara

Despite being an old poem (2000) I can still see its charm.


Erik Hunger

Kind of describes in a metaphorical way where I was in life a few months ago. The thing that got me started writing it was a work one of my friends did for me. She's on elfwood, so to see it, go here.

Star of Hope - Part 1

Maria Elmindreda L

This is a poem about finding the star of hope, the star each of us has.

Realm Memoirs: Oberon, the King

Gertie Poole

Oberon, the dragon king of the Realm, a sanctuary world created to protect magical beings from mortal persecution, reflects on how the Realm came to be and on his own role and status within it.

The Unicorn

Ardhoniel Elen-Laer

This is basically about an pretty Unicorn:D

Futures Past Ch. 8&9

Michelle Lackey

So, now we enter the realm of what actually happened and just how out of balance Turbo really is. This deals with some explanation, but I rather like the fight. So far, Elyria doesn't seem really all that bright. Oh, and the world doesn't really revolve around Turbo... just so you know. Read on.

The Unicorn's Egg

Annie Harrington

I don't exactly know where this one spawned from, except that I first thought of this (very randomly) while some of my friends were talking about a certain Australian crocodile hunter who seems to love wrestling and poking potentially dangerous and sometimes venemous reptiles (though that has nothing to do with this particular story). Enjoy!

SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-ch3

Brian Pennington

...chapter three....

Last Hope

Catherine Looser

I once saw a picture called 'The Last Unicorn' and it made me just sit down and write this story straight away.

The Unicorn at Night (poem)

Cara Galbraith

I am not too experienced with poetry. Maybe there will be more in the future.

Sweet dreams, Selonia.

Amy Kilpatrick

A mischevious Unicorn and its rider, and elf, are making thier way towards a spring...


Alana Poirier

Another rather pointless story...ok totally pointless story...with a lot of pretty imagry. I was just bored and felt the need to express myself in some obscure way. This story is kind of a glimpse into the inner me ( the girl in the story was meant to be myself), and when I realized that it wasn't going anywhere I decided to add the Unicorn in. I guess that's the kind of encounter I always dreamed of, although the writing itself is a little repetitive. A nice light read, again if you like picturing pretty things in your head with not much else behind them.


Amory Koch

One day this elf grabbed my head and demanded I write his story. A humourous tale of his trials and abandonment. UPDATE: new ending. I like it much better, got rid of my middle school cuteness to finish the story as it deserves.

The Unicorn

Kacie Goodwin

a poem about the sadness of the unicorn as her homland slowly fades away


Alison Grills

An acrostic on my favourite mythical (or are they?) creature.

Fairrin Book I ~ Chapters 1-3

Twyla McKee

A princess runs away from her matchmaking father, and finds herself in a land of legend... If you have problems understanding some of the words I use in the story, what they mean, etc, just take a look at my profile :) There is a little bit of a glossary up there to go with my stories for you all! Update, 4July08: Tiffa drew up two of my characters! You can find Princess Jessica and Prince Derek here:

The Queen of the Forest

M Khan

This is the first fantasy poem i have made... its how i perceive the beatiful unicorn