Chapter 1

Magdalena Cerrina

This is the first chapter of a story idea I've been working on for about five years.

The Fey chap. 5

Alyssa Ullmeyer

In which we see the inside of Aeric's school and learn a little bit about deception.

The Half-dwarf

Charles Lazaroo

Just an idea I had...........


Lynton Farr

A Basilisk is lonely,noboby wants a friend that can turn you to stone! He is transformed into a young man. These are his misadventures.

Vampires of Oxford

Makenzi Crouch

Incomplete piece about vampires in Oxford. I'm not entirely pleased with how it's going so far, but I haven't had a chance to get back to it in almost a year, and I've had other writing priorities. It's still rolling around in my brain, though, and I'm still fond of Rory. I'll get back to her eventually and smooth out the problems that I already know exist in this draft. In the meantime, there's some good stuff in here along with the bad. I do like my ginger vampire, though, and I love the fact that he lives in Blackwell's. That is an awesome building.


Isabel Dostal

Samantha 'Sam' Fielding isn't just an ordinary Computer Sciences PhD student studying in London. She's 'special'...

The Luckless: Prologue

Jasmine Dresner

Magic is outlawed.

Sallaeah Draco

Dolphin (a.k.a. Chris Rosenbaum)

What if dragons actually existed on Earth? What if something of them remained? What if they could be brought back? An exobiologist at Cornell University is about to find out the answers...and get more than he bargained for. This story was for an Expository Writing class in High School.

Tetiana: part 1

Elizabeth Wilcox

This is the first chapter of my current novel-in-progress. I just published my newest version, so it should (hopefully) appear soon.

Howls in the Dark - Chapter 3

Barbara Klein

Now that Maeve has turned out a real werewolf, she is going to meet her 'pack' - although not everything turns out the way there other wolves had anticipated

A Way with Mirrors: Chapter 1

Sarah Barton

This section of A Way With Mirrors is the first chapter of a small novel I am currently writing. Its about girl named Lenore who finds an ominous orb while taking an exam at Merkmire University.

Frog's Kiss Chapter 2 - Bobbing On the Waves

Bianca Tangermann

After much grappling with my muse, near-suicidal depression and frustration, a couple tons of Chinese food and a 'you finish this no matter what' deadline set by a merciful friend, here it is at last...chapter two, and I *still* hate it with a passion. Anyway, without much moping, I'll see everyone's reaction and then definitely revise. Going with what is apparently my writing forte (writing page after page with nothing substantial) not much actually happens here: After the events of the last chapter, the biology class leaves the museum, and things seemingly return to normal - but the mermaid in the basement is not willing to let go yet, especially not of Daniel, as he will soon find out. There are nice moments and familiars to hold onto, though. This story, by now, is dedicated to all people who, knowingly and unknowingly, have contributed to it with ideas, inspirational impulses, nudges in the right direction, head-washes, or simply by existing and providing inspiration in itself. Enough of the gushing. Enjoy!


Isabel Dostal

The second of Sam's introspective journeys, this time just a walk through the West End of London. Well, 'just' a walk for someone 'special' like she is...

Howls in the Dark - Chapter 1

Barbara Klein

Maeve, a university student, has the unfortunate fate to meet the wrong guy at the wrong time. because Joshua is a werewolf, and for him she is just one thing - tasty. So it happens that one night he changes her life forever by making her one of his kind

Howls in the Dark - Chapter 2

Barbara Klein

Maeve's organism is adepting quickly to being changed from human to werewolf, and within the first few days she changes for the first time and spends a night running through the woods with Joshua. The next day she tries to resume her normal life, with problems, and in the evening Joshua takes her with him to introduce her to his pack.

The Black Spire-Part One-Chapter I (draft)

Michael Jones

This is the first chapter of the first part of the newest novel im working on where the protagonist, a professor at a magic university, goes on a journey to colonize the continent "The Messenger" is based on.All feedback, negative and positive, is good feedback, it helps me grow as a writer. I hope you enjoy!

Dominican College 2018

Jenny Olivera

I took a one-month Science Fiction class my last year of college, and for our final we could write either an analytical paper or a science fiction story. The plot and ending are tributes to The Handmaid's Tale.

Skull Of Crystal - Part 4

Peter Vrabel

It was supposed to be a relaxing holiday. She wasn't supposed to meet an ancient evil that had been buried for centuries.


Elizabeth Wilcox

A poem about one of the two central cities in my novel-to-be, Tetiana.

The Promise of Tomorrow: Book I: Chapter II 'Journeys in Friendship'

Joel Meredith

This chapter takes a look at Kyleon's new role as a student at the university and his growing friendship with Charles. The end of the chapter uncovers a sinister plot. Or is it only a nightmare?