The man in the mirror (a night shadow story)

Jennifer Berry (A shadow of the night)

This is my favourite, and I believe it to be the best piece of writing I have done so far. The first two paragraphs were one of those flashes of ispiration that dissappears if you don't write it down just then Then I thought about it all night and I just hed to finish it the next day. This is based in my fantasy world of Aldálon, and on one of my favourite characters: Night Shadow. (there's a map in my art gallery HERE)


Melanie Henderson-Lee

The first scene in what i pray will become a book

Growing Up

Erin Carter

A poem I wrote when everyone seemed to want me to drop fantasy and write 'normal stuff'. This is my reply.


Angela Knoblock

It's kind of an allagory about imaginary friends and growing up I guess. I think maybe I should stop reflecting on my childhood, it depresses me. It started out with a picture I drew that I hope to someday scan and add to this story.

Re-Incarnate: Ch. 23-26

Dale Hardman

Getting near the end now. Hope you like it.


Katherine 'dys' VanHoorn

This is kind of a surreal story, I feel like, since it never happened....

Two Souls Collide Chapter 2

Jessica Johnson

This is my second chapter yay! Mera has been sent to ettiquette school by her mom and does not get to she Kiyhon for seven years. A new character is here and Kiyhon has powers woot! (pictures will come as soon, I don't have a scanner ;_; so i'll have to get my friend to help with that).

Jove Chronicles: Lysander

L. Hoxie

First of several stories, all depicting the background of some of my role playing characters. This one is how Lysander came to be.

The Laugh

Charles Trowbridge

Here's the fourth revision of The Laugh to be published here on elfwood. This time I had a real copy editor go through and help me with it, so all of those pesky 'isents' have been spelled correctly and all of that! Hope you guys enjoy. Thanks for the help with it Whitman.


Lindsey Butler

A look into my world of witches. Told as answers to interview questions.

Scales Chapter2

Susanne Merz

The second Chapter of Scales.... who would have guessed... introducing the second main person, Chian-jaa, an ambasador from a race of 'angels'

Stay Alive

April ]-[3L' Jones

Again, this was done for an assignment during the 6th or 7th grade I think. I was attending Miller Middle School at the time... What was really ironic was that the founder and I have the same initals.

Prelude to Devils' Trilogy

Alexander Hurry

explains what happens in the prologue

Bear Me Up

Freyja Stokes

I have a bit of a thing about dragins, can you tell?

Death's Diary- part 2 pg-13

April ]-[3L' Jones

part two of the story.. had to cut it in half so it wouldn't be so long. read on..

TECHNOLOGY #1: Chapter 5

Siegfried Baumann

Now some of the recent events begin to clear up. We find out who that enemy was that attacked the Pegasus and what they were after. Starting here, the story really begins. Pleae read, enjoy and leave lot's of helpful comments.

The story of Baobor

Marius Ernst

or The world beyond, chapter VIII. No, wait don't run away. Although this is part of 'The World Beyond', it can be read separately. Harald is spending the night at the desert people, and tells a story for their hospitality. So it's a story in a story. Baobor is about trees, and a strange boy. It's a bit odd to tell a story like this in the middle of a desert, I know, but well, if you have problems with that, give me a better idea.

Through the Looking Glass

Suzannah Carrick

A (kind of) parody of the real version.


David Grant

The Notorious 'Fallen Angel' Tragedy.

A Soul Stolen

Oishee of a down= Alam

For want of a better title.