Kyle Arthur

Well here is the second part in my work to keep the timeline flowing. Unfortunately I made some changes and so I'm going to have to rewrite the next chapter too. Heck might as well redo the whole thing, might change the story quite a bit too. I think the part I'm doing now can wait until I've explained the characters a little better. Let me know what you think of the changes made in this chapter. Mainly just the first half or so is different, I didn't change the ending too much. Sorry if its a hassle to go through again.

Lantern, part one of 'the boardinghouse'

Meredith Tucker

This is a scifi urban novel I'm working on, about a futuristic, near destitute earth, in which one girl attempts to find her way home.

Forbidden Existance Chapter 2

Ivy Charlotte

This is Chapter the Second of Forbidden existence. Let us return to the tale the bore forth from the dark corners of consciousness and reality, from the places where they meet and become forever entwined together.


Leah Cerveny

Few people use magic, even less use it for good.


Allison Starkweather

This was done for a daily exercise at my writing website, and I liked how it turned out :) I can totally see Kayla doing this.

Ghost in the Machine (part 3)

Jonathan Fisher

Please read the earlier segments first - comments welcome

Ghost in the Machine (part 7)

Jonathan Fisher

Please read the earlier segments first - comments welcome

Ghost inthe Machine Part 1

Jonathan Fisher

The tale of how an alien street-kid living as an immigrant on a human world gets mixed up in events that will change the face of their planet.

Ghost in the Machine (part5)

Jonathan Fisher

Please read the earlier segments first - comments welcome


Ryan A. Burpee

The world that one sees, is not the true world. Ghosts, goblins, trolls... They are all real. The dark underbelly of the large cities crawl with them. Few bother to TRULY see the world. They have been taught, by their sense of logic and reason, that creatures of the night are myths and legends. That sound in the alley, just a cat. That big dog the ugly superintendent keeps, just a really inbred dobberman. The 'normal' people see these things. But those in the know... Those that see the imp, and the troll walking the hellhound... They know the truth. The world is a dangerous place, with dangerous creatures. And none are more dangerous than the vampires, and their foes the vampyres.

A Matter of Masters: Chapter 2

Christina Beard

Anita finds herself kidnapped by outlandish strangers.

Another Fairy-Tale part 2 - Dreams and Echoes

Helfried Haider

Second part of another Fairy-tale. Enjoy!

Draco Urbanis

Ryan Reynolds-Stickney

A were born in the wrong time, struggling with an adolescence no one should have to deal with.

Avatar: AMAG Part 5

Shana R. Markham

The complete part 5. Slightly long bugger. I toned down Aramon a good bit in the rewrite, making him a little more perky.

The Escape: Part Two

Azariel Deheaic

So close. He was so close...

Remembered Freedom

Azariel Deheaic

Years had he ran. Years had he hidden. But now, no longer would he run, no longer would he hide. They had finally found him...

Rounding Out (002)

Tom Liberman

This story describes how the adventuring group came together

Lost in the City (003)

Tom Liberman

This is a city adventure from my campaign.

Hale and Hearty 1

Toni Kaukinen

Meet Mercer, a man who doesn't really like who he is or anyone else for that matter, driven by conflicting compulsions and wanderlust. One day, he messes up -- and he has done that a lot of times -- and unfortunately finds himself in a position where the people who annoy him might just be the only people who can help him get out of a job he thought he had finished... even though he's far, far from what normal mortals are.

You Can't Fly (Formerly Known as Kristen) part 10

Samantha Fortier

 The mystery girl just got more mysterious and we there are some new developments when it comes to Alex and his friends....