Introduction: Valley of View

Dawn English

Sactalari (Wow, what a fancy name for an introdution) The introduction to my story, 'Valley of View'. You get to meet the Narrator, a Sactalari who'd tell you his name if it weren't against regulations.

Valley of View: Chapter 5

Dawn English

Noticed (Natasha pays a visit) The Deluya's poison has side effects, but they are nothing compared to the side effects of the cure. The youth's presence in Halecude is aknowledged by Morgana. Kai performs primitive healing and Natasha preforms her first astral stunt.

Journey Part 07 - Pond

Al Howe

Where secrets could be held.

The Valley of Truth

Neomi Geva

This is a relatively old story telling the story of how Diana, Dorland and Spudge met the gypsy Droof. I am now in the process of changing the story since now I have decided that Droof and Spudge knew each other before hand and met the other two together. Oh, and yea, Droof is not a gypsy name, and it is not his real name either. It's a nickname, just like Dorland's name and Spudge's. Droof's real name is Drayven.

Darkness Comes

Meghan (Apocalypse)

A girl, raised by a dark elf is abruptly told the story of her life, and it's unqiue role in a war that this particular region is experiencing.


Nik Hanis

A poem about a heavenly valley but it is not heaven.

Ember's Prologue

Lisa Sanders

This is the prologue to Ember's five story set. It was written after the others, made to fill in the beginning that story one never covered. Although this, and all the stories that cover Flyntt Valley (currently only Ember's) deal with slavery, I'm not attempting to condone, glorify, or justify it. Slavery is bad!

VOFS Chapter 1

Matthew Donovan

The first chapter of Valley of the Fallen Star. It was really fun to write. The characters are fun.

Valley of View: Chapter 4

Dawn English

Dreamer (Jay & Rartei ti Dakadekia) For those who are actually following my story, the suspence is finally broken. Kai sleeps while Steel touches Rartei ti Dakadekia, runs into an argumentative cleric and speaks to a nurse with the gift of Sight.

The Dragon's Moon: Chap 1: Magic

Mary 'Kalit' Pettigrew

I started writing and it went from there...aye o.O

The Valley of the Dragon (1)

Linda Juslin

This is a story about how memories can be brought alive. And how different something can seem when you look back at it.

The Protection of a Magi (poem)

Chris Ootjers

I don't remember how i came up with this, but i did.

Sword of Earth - Chapter 4 L'Eaua

Michelle Earl

Horsemaster, Scarlet and Storm find a valley filled with water and death due to flooding.  A girl named L'Eaua is causing it; she is an elemtal as well.  Find out her story.  Note:  This is a first draft. 

Rain in the Vale

Matthew Deagle

This is actually a description from a story that I am currently writing entitled 'The Epic of Motnekero'. I decided that it would make a good, abstract poem hinting at the magick of the mountain goats (which possess supernatural wisdom and power in the story).

A Simple Fairytale

Lorilei Jackson

I wrote this story a few years back. It's not one of my favorites, but I needed two in order to publish my account. lol Sincerely, it's the most nauseating love story I've ever read! It's from the days when I wasn't hopelessly jaded by relationships yet...

The Sheltered Valley (Poem)

Chris Ootjers

yup. a short little poem.

Journey Part 06 - The Valley

Al Howe

A trek towards understanding.

The Silent Valley

Ross Lovell

Within the continent of lies The Silent Valley. Sometimes when travelling through people can hear eerie and hauntingly beautiful music being played on the flute or violin. Sometimes an ethereal voice can be heard singing. If any attempt is made to locate the music the sounds fade into the valley. Most of the time though the valley is eerily silent and no sound can be heard at all.

Setting Sketch

Kelly Kruse

This is another test writing for my one of my books, 'The Ghosts of Nahor'. It was done for a Creative Writing class and was done entirely to convey setting.

The Valley of the Dragon (2)

Linda Juslin

The second and last part of the story