D, Chap. III

Amanda Fisher

As a vampire, he feeds and this is one of those encounters

One Single Time

Polina Kotcheva

The idea for this came after I painted my 'Gothic Warmth' piece, which will be in my gallery here pretty soon. I did it pretty much on a whim, the idea hit me, I opened Word and wrote it. I think it's a kind of flash fiction. Hypothethical Fiction is one of my favourite styles - very short stories with a sudden ending, when the truth is revealed. Too bad I can't do them well.

Dances With Darkness 1

Brianne Hughes

The feeling I've made for myself about vampires (from various vampire novels/books/and short stories) is that they yearn for the life they once had and since they cant have it they destroy it. I came up with this out of nowhere... Its rather sad but it paints a pretty picture in my head...Set in a slightly futuristic possably post-appocolyptic city and about a girl who dances...

Of Blood, earth, and fire

Rob Miller

A new story I'm working on, dont know where I'm going with it, but I'll get there eventually...if the moderators of elfwood dont kill me first!

Death is never the end

Rob Miller

Horror movies do things to your mind, see?


Melanie Henderson-Lee

Well i finally did it the story begun in Prologue has a second scene

Let Me Go

Heather(Pandora) Morris

It's about a dream I had about a month ago it was pretty cool. but i'm not positive I like it that much but i needed something else to put up. so... enjoy.

Wren's story

Jenny Moore

just some more on my faveorite RPG char..i actually created her after i started writing about her

Something's lurking

Sharon Adams

I was trying to write in the 2nd person, well create a 2nd person, but I think it came out as a strange 3rd person. Oh well I hope you enjoy it still.

Bloody Beginnings

j.d. Fritz

In a time when men still feared the night with good reason, and every crack of twig under foot could easily be a monster come to send you off to Hell, there is one creature who stalks the earth with intent to bring all others under its control. And he will allow nothing to stand in his way.

Losing Blood Chapter Fifteen

Stacey Twiggs


Finish Your Story

Heather(Pandora) Morris

I'm not quite sure what it's about I was just watching someone play Final Fantasy X(10) and was suddenly inspired. ENJOY.

The Beautiful Dead

Merrill Montgomery

more seventh grade fun.

D, Chap. IV

Amanda Fisher

D's encounter with a man who thinks he can best him

Fangs Forlorn

Heather(Pandora) Morris

It's about a vamp who doesn't want to be one even though it doesn't seem that way.Sooo..... yea hope you like it.

Marione Part Two

Laura Bennett (Polo)

The little girl Vampyre has been brought back to the cave of Loton. She makes a few revelations.

...and darkness fell (1 of 3)

Robert Johnston

i wrote this one for my english assessment. its about vampires. btw, you're supposed to realise the guy is a vamp...


Ayame Ulrich

It's another Vampire poem.


Ayame Ulrich

The Glass Upon his Pillow

Sarah Rose

Natsu once worked in a Vampire coven. Slash/yaoi/shouen ai