Light and Dark

Cheryl Andrews

A Human-made-vampire sings a ballad about her journey, as she comes to terms with what she has become. With two sires and two fates tugging at her, one evil and one good, she had a choice and many things to overcome, but she did them all and was not alone.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Eleven

Crystel Redknap

Linea leaves Curust to continue her destiny.

3rd millennium vampire

Daniel Krax

In the coming thousand years evolution has to decide to kick off mankind and start all over again. So this is a vampire story starting as science-fiction. With a difficult to find out ending.

Assassins Guild

Jessica McCollam

What do you do with your time when you already read all the books, been to all the big social functions, are aren't human anymore.

Night's Betryal

Jessica McCollam

There is always something about your first love that you will never forget, even if you aren't quite human.

Vampire Date

Donna Viessman

Vampire dinner


Katie Barnes

Dasadia is a lonely vampire who has a mission to find out if the human-seeming Alexia knows what he is

Red Sheets

Jessica McCollam

An action story...a little differnt than my usual stuff.

Rising Star

Jessica McCollam

Maybe you can escape hell, if you always believe.


Elizabeth Sauve

in the hunters eyes

Lover in the night

Rose Cowart

Working title. Aaelluria is a powerful battle mage, that has recently lost her lover Carcharoth in the heat of the raging war. But are the visions she keeps having of him returning to her, deep in the dark of night reality, or her mind wishing for her lover to return.

Blood as Wine

Kostas Mavros

This is a poem about a vampire who loved a human,but they had to be separated when she died and he had to live on...

Frozen Windows II

Meghan (Apocalypse)

In a few words...the second chapter

The Follower

Emi Senga

The past returns in the future. Who; we do not know. Where; we cann't say. When; we cannot tell. Why; who would know? How; who does the planning?

Fallen Hero Part Two ~story~

Erica Martin

Reality comes looking for Tyranser in his new life, wanting to take him away.

Lazarus Lycidas, Chapter 3

Yves Jacques

Lazarus Lycidas, Chapter 5

Yves Jacques

The Ecstasy of Blood

Liz Spalding

I felt like writing a short story one night after reading a chilling horror book I bought from B-A-M. This was the result. A mother is forced to make a terrible decision as her son pays her a late-night visit.

Who is She?

Melanie Mitchell

A brief account of what went through a vampire's mind when he met a beautiful young woman 50 years after his death.

The Winged Rot

Jermaine Joseph

I just felt that I should put forward this piece of work. There is no reason other than to put it somewhere that I... never mind. Here is the Winged Rot. Enjoy.