DLV: Special: Darien's Essay

Faraz Hussain

An essay from Darien's point of view. Wanted to try out first person writing. Rated PG to PG-13 (violence).

DLV: Chapter 3

Faraz Hussain

Darien visits another city and almost drinks Ashton's blood. Ashton and Michael find a vigilante (and hold hands ~_~).

D & Collan, Part II

Amanda Fisher

Part 2 of D and Collan's story, they go to D's secret home, the home that noone ever knew he had, it is impossible to get there without D's help for magic surrounds the place

D, Chap. III

Amanda Fisher

As a vampire, he feeds and this is one of those encounters

Vampire Story: Introduction/Background

Ellen Jurik

This is something that's kindof half been floating around my head for a while. I see it as a strong contrast to the Circle books which I am trying to write concurrently, like from different parts of my brain. Lighter tone, though it may not seem it in the beginning! Oh well. I think I explain most of it in the actual thing. Enjoy!


Callie Richardson

Freedom doesn't come cheap for a vampyre...

The Ashen Cross

Angela Sasser

Nynia, a young Celtic maiden, walks a world of madness, between the Christian and the Pagan. Between those worlds she finds..the Vampire. If the story sketch is popular enough, I'll turn write a novel version! So get your comments in now!

Vampyre Song Part 2

Rory Johnson

In this next installment of the Vampyre Song series, Verdagu begins to tell of Vampire perception of creation.

TToR Two

Adam Hunt

A man is haunted by gruesome memories that nothing seems to be able to drown away. He has come to the conclusion that revenge is the only way to allay the pain. Luckily for him, there is a vampyre hunter nearby under the same resolve. The difference between the two is immediately noticeable; he is a pathetic wretch, though somewhat justified, and she is a thread of iron, unbreakable and determined.

Hudohii's Guide--Chapter 1

Anna Dobrowolsky

A dragon and her Guide, upon being separated and then reunited, only wish to return to their home, but are suddenly thrust into a fight for their; initiated by the ravaging god that rules them all. The question is, can they calm his fires and restore peace to the chaotic world? Translations of this text: “Ta fe grandei loc! Espir ui ay sontapharina cail embrak etoir! ” ---One is greatest alone. The spirit of the dragon will hold (haunt) you for eternity--the beginning to a warrior's hymn.' 'Firis teccoreles'--fire tentacles, or literally, throwing fire.


Ryan A. Burpee

The world that one sees, is not the true world. Ghosts, goblins, trolls... They are all real. The dark underbelly of the large cities crawl with them. Few bother to TRULY see the world. They have been taught, by their sense of logic and reason, that creatures of the night are myths and legends. That sound in the alley, just a cat. That big dog the ugly superintendent keeps, just a really inbred dobberman. The 'normal' people see these things. But those in the know... Those that see the imp, and the troll walking the hellhound... They know the truth. The world is a dangerous place, with dangerous creatures. And none are more dangerous than the vampires, and their foes the vampyres.

Flesh and Blood

Megan Balanck

This is a poem I wrote for a man I loved - before he broke my heart. Lots of flowery gothy vampirific werewolf imagery, all intended.

To be released

Lewis King

An interesting story about a vampyre. Came to me after seeing Timothy Haldane's picture of 'Thane Solek.' Go see his artwork, it is very chilling and is pretty amazing. All I hope is that my story is as good as his picture. This story is not for the faint hearted though.

Two of One (chapter three)

Jessica Frizzell

Shortest chapter yet I believe

I Turned Away (chapter 2)

Laura Bennett (Polo)

The horror continues...

I Turned Away (chapter 5)

Laura Bennett (Polo)

Elves...I am not liking them. *scowls* I'm very in to my own story now. I'm stuck! Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! :D And yes, I am fully aware of the typos. I just don't want to change them yet.

Song of Fornever Pt1: Prologue

Jesse Whisper' Cloutier

The tale of a vampyre who being so consumed by his lust for blood is afraid of entering an eternity where he will not be able to drink his fill and will be forced to live in the shadow of his addiction... he takes some very desperate action. you'll have to read to discover anymore than that! tell me what you think.

My Mourning

Shaun Ingamells

Its a poem about a vampyre guy that craves and needs the love a human girl. They finally get together but at what cost?...

Bound by Blood

Taelor Skinner

Finally a real story!It took forever too.There will be two more parts if you happen to like this,hope you do.^.^It's not exactly modern,but...

The Morning Never Came

Ashley Thompson

Short story I wrote for a friend. She loves Vampires, so I gave this one to her for her B-day.