The Tales of a Muse

Tambra Lindstrom

This is part of a story I am working on. Based of a character I played once the story is wide sweeping and will come in stages.

One Stepped Down

Brian Armitage

This was another decent poem among those I submitted to my English teacher. It is based on 'One Angel' by Ann Snodgrass (my assignment was to find and existing poem and try to duplicate the style). So, without plagiarizing, I have created something that is hopefully fairly nifty.

Stillness Broken - A Collection of Prophetic Verse

Frances Gibbs

These are a series of verses I wrote at various times throughout last year and this year. In truth they were replies to issues and experiments of style, but I decided to wham them all together to create the greatest prophesy of the darkest time... well, actually no. That is still to come. *grins wickedly* ha ha. well, I apologise for how it seems so broken up... try to read them as separate verses - most of them, atleast - rather than one continuous poem... *sigh* oh well. Enjoy...

Ethereal - Verse One

Brandon Halcomb

This is the replacement for Silenced Nightfall. This series is intended to be quite a few episodes shorter and I'm actually having fun writing it. Well, I hope you enjoy it. Others should be on the way soon.

Dragon's Tears

Aus Cushing

Originally written to refer to a saddened character of mine, it could refer to more than one.

Who Would Cry?

Aus Cushing

No, this isn't the same as the one in Laura Boechat's work - it came about as a result of a poetry game. I asked to take the title that had been given and make a different poem - tis up to you, the reader, to see if I did well.

Tale of Snowdrops

Hannah Smith

I got the idea for this from an old nature myth. It will probably be reformed later into something that rhymes, but dont hold your breath...

Pixie's Touch

Aubra Penner

This is another 'freebie' I wrote for someone out there... I still hold copyright to these, though! The main character turned out sort of psycho, but oh well.

To the Goddess

Aus Cushing

A poem written from a cleric to his deity, about how he became her cleric.

Sailing to Valhalla

Frederic Vinhage

This is a rough draft poem about well valhalla, at least my view of the old norse turned dwarf concept.

Ode To Fantasy

Brian Armitage

This is another work from the now infamous poetry packet assigned by my English teacher. When ordered to write an ode, I jumped at the chance to sing the praises of fantasy... daydreamers of the world unite!

One Word

Lynnessa Dick

Free verse poem. Comments and critique welcome.


Lynnessa Dick

Free verse poem. Please tell me your reactions, and of course, critiques welcome. My apologies for the html errors, I think they're fixed now.

Dark Nursery Rhymes (poem)

Kate Jennings

These rhymes don't belong to the Hahri-Diru people. They are about them. The ordinary folk are afraid of the old inhabitants of the land, who linger on in out-of-the-way places, and it comes out in their verse.

Steed of the wind

Frederic Vinhage

Short freeverse poem of a classic greek myth.

Fairytale Series: Beauty and the Beast

Emma Kathryn

This is a commission that I did for my good friend Asya. (Yes I do commissions) We were sitting in English during the break and I had a bit of paper in front of me and my hand was twitching because I was desperate to write something so I turned to Asya and just hit out with 'Asya, what was your favourite fairytale EVER?' She told me Beauty and the Beast so I did this for her. I printed it on nice red paper with fancy black print and signed it then gave it to her as a present. She was all chuffed with it and I felt all proud that I'd made someone happy with something I'd written. It was a really nice feeling...all warm and fuzzy...bit wierd for me really ^_^ And guess what...her wee sister wants me to do something for her now too! Eek!

Knuckle Bones

Melissa Pence

Magic will never die, so long as we never forget the dream.


Steven McClellan

An epic verse of these large, winged creatures. I created this for my fantasy series, Akhailon.

Rupunzel Rupunzel

Angela Apilado

A Funky Fairy Tale in verse. Rupunzel has always been one of my favorite fairy tales and I was always sad that something with so much potential was so overlooked by the mass media fairy tale kingdom. Probably the longest poem I've written to date at 80 lines, but the lines are short and it's actually a pretty quick read, so don't let the length put you off.

The Light and The Darkness

Denise Guinn

Well, I began this poem with a random thought and it turned into one about death and rebirth. I don't like the idea of a 'grim reaper' as a frightening being that come to take your soul. I see death as a beautiful being that comes to end one part of your life ony to begin another. I am a firm believer in reincarnation and wanted to share how I see death. What do you think?