Melanie Henderson-Lee

The first scene in what i pray will become a book

Chaos of Gurthrung (revised edit)

Tabitha Ruf

The Yndrasvin Crisis is a popular tale of Idraffi, filled with heroics and magic. Many versions exist, but the best one is the epic poem of the Triplets: 'Chaos of Gurthrung'. Though many histories shun this version of the Yndrasvin Crisis, it is very different from other versions. For one, never has any other version taken the side of and Yndrasvin herself.

A New Beginning Version 2

Savanah Stephens

This is the same story as the first's just been modified, I tried to take into consideration the comment left of the first version when modifying it...

Death's Diary - Chapter 1- (new version)

April ]-[3L' Jones

I re-read the Death's Diary and started to think on re-editing it and actually publish the book once i've finished. I'll only upload up to 3 chapters and leave the rest to be read in my book. Tell me what you think.


Ren of Rohan' Wolf

This is one of the original versions of the story with my unicorn characters. (most of them are in my art account, check them out)

Death's Diary - Final Cut - Ch. 1

April ]-[3L' Jones

What if the end came sooner than you thought? Well as you can see, I've had trouble of starting this story. Finally I've thought of the solution. Each chapter of the novel (which will be edited later when it goes to publish) will be an event/day entry. Please excuse if I start to type the story in various point of views. I have a habit of it when I'm writing them. Well now that I've said what I needed to say, Read On!

The Beauty in the Beast

Bicskei (Draconida)

My take on the well-known tale.