Fighting In Ebony

Amanda Hopkins

After the great battle between two kingdoms, the heroes begin the long journey home. Could be a prequel, could be nothing. Who knows? Don't forget to comment!

Dragonsong - Chapter 5

Jay Morris

The ultimate chapter of 'Dragonsong'. Very pretty, say I. I suppose we shall determine later whether I will post more stuff on here or not.

~ Darker Than The Night ~

J. Coates

A dark tale where evil and good battle, who is to say that either can really win?


Lucy Müller

poem... I did it long ago. and I think it would make a great picture...

Glaios Fight

Kathryn Aliwoode

This is a revision of the old Fight story on my page.

The Merging of the Clans of Heerin part 2

Emily Bisset

The second half of the Merging of the Clans, plus an appendix at the end!

The Death of a Dragon

Eliza Hemington

I wrote this story when I was 14, so don't judge it too harshly, but I edited it recently, and I am actually a bit surprised by the quality of the writing. (A 2002 piece)

Sun vs Moon pt 2

H. Peirce

This is part two. The sun returns, he overtakes the moon to bring daylight. I like how it rhymes ^-^

TECHNOLOGY #1: Chapter 4

Siegfried Baumann

And here's some of the story from the enemy's point of view. In case you're wondering why I suddenly switched to third person, that's just how I do all the stuff in Technology that isn't actually experience by Dave Tenson. Enjoy and leave some comments pleae.

The Second Gate War

Christie Lovat

This is a story written with characters my friend and I created together so I have to give credit to my wonderful friend 'Christine Nadon.' We also wrote the first (and might I say the worst,) version of this story together, but this is the edited version done entirely by me. This isn't the full story, far from it, but more the beginning. Every thing in this world, good or bad, has a beginning to it, and this is the beginning of my story, my heart, my soul and my career at Elfwood. I'll leave the 'good or bad' part up to you.

Bitter Victory

Julie Becker

A basic Light vs. Dark poem of a huntress and an evil being.

Maiden's Choice

Rochelle Watts

This is for Dan Shevock for his comments, sorry your poem is so long in coming. I noticed your dog in your bio photo is named Zorya, so this is a poem about that Slavic myth. I picked the Morning Star to write about. Its a little Valkyrie in tone, with a bit of rhyme to echo your nice musical style. The line in the middle is according to Wikipedia how a prayer to a goddess of horses and battle started.

Battle of Inner Sides: Victory, Chapter 1

Clara Aden

The Raid of Dariam chapter 3

Adam Kay

The final part of the story where Johann and the men have victory within their grasp, but a towering three headed figure looms from the night and attacks, how will the battle end?

Fall of the Tyrant King

Melissa Jensen

This is more of a song than a poem, from my story Amrin the Dreamer. Lord Dri was a wizard who could take dragon form, but died in killing the tyrant king. Though a song about war, the tune is lively. Something about Tyrant kings being destroyed tends to make people happy.

The Merging of the Clans of Heerin

Emily Bisset

Tyon sets out on a great quest without knowing it, uniting all the peoples of the land and leading them to victory against an old enemy


Kennedy Allen

Um. It's the vampiric equivalent of 'he eats a hamburger.'

Battle of Inner Sides: Victory, Chapter 2

Clara Aden

A Grudge

Michael Ballmann

Another old story, but one I figured I ought to upload because it was an experiment in my style of describing battles. A short read (a little over one and a half pages in Word), but mildly entertaining. Yes, the story itself is nothing special (it's basically an add-on to the battle itself), but it's a description (not meant to be particuarly good either, just a test for how to incorporate descriptions into a regular story)...what do you expect?

Barandhil's Anthem

David Prieto

This short verse was writen for Barandhil, greatest of the Elf warlords.