Road to Peace (FF3 story)

Ivy McKnight

This is a mighty long and ongoing story, based on FF3 (Final fantasy 3). Remember that I started this about three years ago, and my style of writing wasn't that great back then. Not that it's that great now, but... anyhoo, I'm still writing it (cripes, it ain't done!). So, have fun.

Endaria Chapter 1: The Birth of Gabriel

Erin Ruiz

Wee, chapter one of the first journal entry I ever made as a senior in high school. This was an ongoing thing that was never finished in my Senior Journal. This is just a little intro to what will be a very strange but interesting story. WARNING: There will be a lot of shounen ai/yaoi stuff going on as the story progresses, so watch out!

Endaria Chapter 2: The Name of Gabriel

Erin Ruiz

Just when you thought this would be serious I go and through this at you. Enter Mandar the uke! Also, enter what could be known as 'the totally .hack rip-off,' save that it's not due to things that will happen in the next two chapters. And please pardon any bad grammar. These were done for English class as rough drafts and not finished products.

Never Alone

K. Beal

Actually, this story is a music video for the song 'Never Alone' by Barlow Girl in short story form. Ara came up with it, I just wrote it out.

Endaria Chapter 3: The Life of Gabriel

Erin Ruiz

The point where it stops being .hack-ish. That wasn't very long, now was it? Enter the actual plot, or the start of one at least. And, voila, nothing is explained!