Vision of Truth

Cheryl Andrews

A poem about observations about life and God and silly obsessions that people sometimes have thinking that what they're obsessing over is the only thing that will make them happy.

Vision of Depth

Emily Grist

Updated Version This was one of my first pieces, and I'm still very proud of it. This is a riddle, by the way. It's already been guessed, but you can try and figure it out... it actually varies in answers.

Personalities 2: Insanity Unleashed

Holly Becker

Reva hears voices that aren't just voices; they're actual people, alternate personalities. Unlike most others with her ability, however, all of her personalities are evil. What do you do when you can't control youself?

Flight of the Eagle - Chapter Two 'True Sight'

Sarah Liu

Like I mentioned in bio, this has been my big project lately. I only work on this when I'm inspired or have a sudden epiphany, which isn't too often =D. So, as you can imagine, this will probably take a long time to finish. Also, I read this over all the time, and I usually change a bunch of things in all the chapters, so it is by no means finished. If you have ANY suggestions at all, even a simple 'this sucks' (if you have a reason for it,) please, please, please tell me. Chapter Two brings Firian back home, shows Aralyn's dislike of magic, and her talent with it, the prophecy, and Zam's and Aralyn's dislike of each other.

Dreamcaster: Chapter 1 (The vision)

Ruth Lucas

This is a tester really, a story about dreamcaster who has visions of the past, present of future. If all goes well i will upload the rest of the story.

Adontis- chapter2

Cameron Brandsberg

Um second chapter, as you would expect. Not sure I like this, but I'm working it out, please give my comments and suggestions.

The beheading

Frances Gibbs

An account of a dream I beheld on 22/03/2002. Although it has been spruced up a little, all of the actual events are what I dreamt. enjoy! :)


Ursula Vernon

Pagan that I am, I had to write this odd little account...a sort of possibility of what happens after death. ('Abydos' is a city in Egypt, but also the legendary cult center of the god Anubis, represented as the funeral mountain.)

The Vision

Taren Nauxen

A 'short' story I wrote for my English class. I wrote it in three parts.


Brian Buckley

About time I did another fantasy poem, eh? The title comes from the word 'synoptic,' which means (among other things) 'presenting a general and combined view of the parts of a whole.' As always, comments are welcome.


Brian Buckley

One of my earlier attempts at a free-form poem. Sort of a new thing for me.

Savin: Last Child of Ancients_04

Lenore Towne

A girl tormented by strange dreams of fantastic lands finds herself drawn into an epic struggle beyond her imagination.

The Sevensided Story: Prologue

Stephanie Kempson

The beginning of Belle's story, and about a vision she had in the night.

Trance (Poem)


A poem of a man's confrontation with a unicorn. Careful... unicorns can be very tricky. Oh, and just to clear up some questions, no unicorns were harmed in the making of this poem.

Disregarded Omen, Ch. 1

Darra Denton

Little introduction can be found for this. It is something I wrote some time ago and edited a bit to make it more lively. It was an interesting idea, and I hope I'll have the inspiration to continue it sometime.

TWINWORLDS: Of Amber and Gold ch2

Brian Pennington

This part of the story takes place in Valdalon, one of two twin planets that form a symbiont bond. Valdalon seems to be magic, and Tekke utilizes superscience.

Personalities 1: To Be Alone

Holly Becker

What do you do if you have voices in your head that are more than voices? That are real people, people that you can see and talk to? That is what Rivka has to discover.

Sun and Sword - Ch. 3

Jeremy Blackwood

This chapter introduces us to Myrenn, a monk who will eventually play a significant role in the battle against the Prince's forces.

Isle Of Chaos: Chapter 1

Gillian Carleton

Marcel has boarded the ship to Dwaerothe when that night he has a strange dream

Darkness Surrounding Prologue

Ira Robinson

The prologue for a novel I am in the midst of. War, terror, hope and dreams all combine into an explosive end as the world comes under sway of evil.