Untitled Twins

Dawn Irving

A story of a young set of vampire twins coming into thier own.

Visions of Shame

Carolyn F. Jong

I wrote this late one night. Alone in the dark, I saw the eyes...

Echoes of Pain

Marco Kuis

A man with a gift, a power he never wanted, that slowly drives him mad.

Personalities 2: Insanity Unleashed

Holly Becker

Reva hears voices that aren't just voices; they're actual people, alternate personalities. Unlike most others with her ability, however, all of her personalities are evil. What do you do when you can't control youself?

The Fates-an introduction

Jessica Hunt

Welcome to the world of the fates where dreams control reality.

The Regent of Souls p3

Sandra Wagner

Chapter 3: What happened in the Baron's house. Chapter 4:As Suri predicted to Daniel not a night passed, She and Joseph are on the road to York. Decisions are made that will affect both of them for a very long time. Chapter 5: Arrival in York and meeting the Bishop. Things are more fully explained.

The Arsenal: Possession - Part II

Jake Diebolt

The Raven has lost his free will, and the demon has gained control. After a string of grisly crimes, The Raven has a plan to turn the tables on the demon...and show him what possession really means.

Savin: Last Child of Ancients_02

Lenore Towne

A girl tormented by strange dreams of fantastic lands finds herself drawn into an epic struggle beyond her imagination.

Savin: Last Child of Ancients_04

Lenore Towne

A girl tormented by strange dreams of fantastic lands finds herself drawn into an epic struggle beyond her imagination.

Genevieve and the Raven

Rachel Michel

A highschool girl have visions and premonisions of the future and tries to save the life of a fellow student from an evil ghost, in the end is the cause of the other girl's death.

Dragon Fire chpt.9

Chad Costen

chpt.9 Damion's Peril

Prologue: In the Beginning

Brianne Hughes

Prologue of my other story 'Chapter 1: Meet the Family' Still in progress... I've been spending time away from my stories to see how they developped when I'm not looking. Critiques more than welcome!

Chapter One: Darkness Within

Abbey Fitting

Ahh..here we go. Raven, all grown up and completely unaware that her insanity is not insanity at all but a combination of her magic trying to break free, warning's that the bad guy is on his way and the gates trying to contact her.

Personalities 1: To Be Alone

Holly Becker

What do you do if you have voices in your head that are more than voices? That are real people, people that you can see and talk to? That is what Rivka has to discover.


Kimberly Bennett (a.k.a Moon_Fox)

This story was based on a picture of an eye done by a friend mine named Jonathan. I just made a small comment about it and it took off from there. Thanks for the inspiration. ;)


Whitney Blake

wondered what it would be like to have a vision? there are those ones that are all kittens and puppies and soft fluffy clouds, and then there are the ones that could bring torture and pain to the body.

The Unicorn's Lesson

Stacey Jauhara' Ooms

A young boy is shown the folly of mankind in the face of fantasy.

Secret Angel: Part Two

Amy Hanna

A continuation of Part One. Things are just getting weirder...


michael john

fascination with wild northern landscapesand elven poeplesinspires this poem about a journey of self discovery

Dream Within My Dance

Nicole Simoens

A short story about a girl out in the snow. there seems to be something strange about her, though what may not be apparent unless you pay close attention to what i'm saying. Also, make sure to keep your eyes pealed for symbolism in this story! PLOT SPOILER! DON'T READ UNTIL AFTERWARDS: because i know a lot of people on't get it, i'll just tell you bluntly. The girl is dead, a suicide. the mother seems to have an ability to 'see' her child in visions in her dreams. and no, there wasn't a point to the story besides writing something nice. it doesn't get 'wrapped up' at the end. the idea of Dancing and the Moon Goddess and the Knife, i do not feel much like explaining. either you understand or you don't.