Dream weaver

Anna Holm

This is one of the first poems I wrote after a long brake from writing.

My Shadow

Stephanie Boothby

You know the little voice in the back of your head? What if it was much, much more real and dangerous than you thought...

The Scream

Shuo Chen

An inhuman, supernatural scream that you can't block out.

The Voice

Jessica Burton

This story was inspired by 'Stay With Me' by Shakespeare's Sister. They're 80's, its ok if you havent heard them. I think you should though they're great. Anyway, used my character Loreia for this story and her husband Farilan. Their love knows no bounds...

Psychic Gambit Part 3

James Tsatsaronis

Had an inspiration and didn't want to waste the oppurtunity. I've got most of the story all worked out apart from the fine detail.

Hark, Maiden with the Violin!

Leonard Farrugia

Pathos prevails in the illusions of a desperate sixteen-year-old

The Hero

ruth david

 a short story about a man desperate to do the right thing but twisted mad by a voice inside his mind


If you have a weak stomach or recently ate something, I advise you not read this. The idea of this came to my mind while I was swinging in the dark above snow-covered ground one night.9th

Trust in Me

Désirée Dippenaar

The orc princess Githnark has been brought up to believe that all orcs have no feelings, that things like love and trust don't exist. But now that Githnark is alone and dying on a battlefield, the only helper she has asks her to trust him. But can she put everything she has ever learnt to question?

Prologue to "The Other Doors"

E. Nadeau

Aha! The prologue to another one of my books that will probably never get finished. How did this get here?

Tormented by Voices

Shuo Chen

This piece is inspired by a song called 'Notre Dame des Ronces', by Nothvs Filivs Mortis, and it should be playing right now. So turn up your volume, speakers and the like... If all attempts to listen to the song fail and you're intent on hearing it, please go to http://artists.mp3s.com/artist_song/910/910803.html and click on either 'Lo Fi Play' or 'Hi Fi Play'. Thanks. By the way, this piece should officially be part of the chaos series.


Ruth Steinback

Wandering through Lothlorien and it just kind of started, opened my word processor and here it is.


Ben Andrews

In the kingdom of Cherubia, a king is not only a man who sits on the throne and wears the crown. He is a man of great spiritual significance, a man chosen by the mercy of the Holy Light to serve and protect his people. There are few monarchs indeed, with the character to reach the ideals of the Anointed King

Ch. 6: Two Destinies

Brian Smith

Okay. This is the first REALLY serious chapter. I'd come this to the third chapter of Huckleberry Finn, but Mark Twain had a REASON for taking 6 months.

A Voice to the Dwarf

Michael Brown

A chilling tale of a heated situation...

Reborn: Dreams of Destiny 01

Elizabeth Krah

A fantasy story set in Terrafaye, the ninth and last of the Worlds of Dreams. It is part of the Terrafaye Series, a collection of eleven novels. In this first tale is the story of Kaethe, the one girl in her conventional village unwilling and unable to accept a path that seems to have been plotted for her feet to tread from the moment of her birth. This book also tells of a man who longs to both protect and cherish the fiery maiden who once healed him despite his physical heritage and beginning misuse of her; Atruen, a stealthy, graceful, cat-eared hunter of the Dæmonia Feline Tribes. Chapter one, Complete (I guess. . .)

Angel's Sorrow-Chapter2

Simona Chivu

I was inspired very much by the song 'Our farewell' by Within Temptation when I wrote this story. It's about the same angel from the first chapter but a very long time after her fall, in another life.

Psychic Gambit Part 4

James Tsatsaronis

Deimos has a hang over heh, (Comments! I need comments!)

Black Part 2

Stephanie Less

Just a day at the inn.

Final Choice

Niki Bear' VanderHeyden

a poem about dieing?? i really dont know...