Al DiBianco

Promise of the forest nymph to the mortal man

Waiting ( Poem)

James McNeil

Unlike my other poems ' ...Life' and ' ...Love,' this is a fantasy poem. It didn't happen to me and so I'm not so sure if I have written it well enough but... Hmmm... This is my first poem without rhyming verse... In fact, this is my first poem in a VERY long time and so I'm sorry for it being rubbish.


Nicole Walraven

This was one of my favorites for awhile, though I like it less now. We were given a photo in English and asked to write a poem about the figure in it. An old person (I actually didn't know if it was a man or a woman) clutching a toy of some kind. This is what I came up with.

The Letter Unknown

Brittany Sparks

A letter. Yeah, that's about it...a weird letter no doubt. Weird job too...


Erin Washburn

For love of a child.

Makeshift Myth

Darcy Abram

Makeshift Myth inherits a funeral home from her father. And spooky things happen.

Mystery Man

Lauren Manglitz

Poem about a Mystery Man in the narrator's life. Please leave comments or suggestions!!!


Mark Kramarzewski

This is inspired by, well, my main inspiration, personally, I like it, and I hope you do to, the meaning is probably lost in my writing, but we'll see. Once again I dislike the title, but I don't like to put 'untitled' Any suggestions?

Fields of Dawn

C. Seidel

A woman waits for her beloved to return from a harrowing test. NEW/EDIT Alright, I give, I gave it paragraphs!


Lauren Blewett

The Legend of the Ice Age as told by a horse known as the Traveler

The Tear

Stacy Goll

A poem of wondering, wishing, waiting.

Lovers Lane

Brian D. Landon

A poem I wrote.

Waiting for War

Joanna Byrne

a salute to warriors fighting for their homes and king against dragons and evil!

Trapped Upon the Shore

J. Meadows

Just some more dream based fantasy poetry. Someone left behind, hoping her people will come back for her.

He Walks Behind

Emily Kirsch

A mysterious man follows behind a rather cynical girl who waits far too much...

Dead Soldiers

Joshua Sinclair

War is deadly, but what happens AFTER the battle can be almost as bad.


Megan Crewe

Another of my character poems, this one is about Penelope, the wife of Odysseus in the Greek epic, The Odyssey. Penelope waited twenty years, fending off suitors, while her husband fought in a war and then got held up with various women (whom he got rather personal with) on the way home. I also allude to his companion, Agamemnon, who, on returning, was killed by his wife and her lover while he was taking a bath (they threw a net over him first). Okay, that should explain everything! On with the poem.

Awaiting Freedom (poem)

Emma-Jane Smith

This was my submission for the Herscher Project number 24. Enjoy!

Unnamed ch.2

Shuo Chen

I'm not satisfied with some things in this part, but I don't know how to change them either. Enjoy?


Shuo Chen

This is an interesting piece for me, because unlike usual, this one doesn't really have exactly one focus, but is rather various impressions, all associated with the rain in my mind. Is it just me or is this piece a big cliche?