J. 'Vi' Jacobs

Wrote this awhile ago. I was experimenting with free verse at the time.


Kelly Gorman

And the fourth wall comes breaking down…I blame this story on the fact that I wrote it the night I got my wisdom teeth out, and had some pretty powerful meds floating through my body at the time. ^_^ Anyway, what happens when some stereotypical heroes decide they want to do things their own way? Also if you can guess what heroes I 'loosely' based some of these guys off, you get a cookie ^_^ One final note, I also wrote this song while listing to the Barenaked Ladies song, 'It’s All Been Done Before.' So blame it on the meds, and blame it on the ‘Ladies ^_^

Budget Meeting

Kareem Shaw

This is a young Cleric who fights the undead and such despite the fact that their numbers grow and spread nightly like an epidemic. The Cleric works with Paladin Maxxod and the residents of Apradent to defend themselves.

Spaceship to the future

Vladimir Lushnikov

Imagine yourself travelling in a spaceship though time and the dimensions...

My Curse, My Blessing. Chapter 2.

Hope Peters

Chapter 2. Read on.

Untitled Chapter Six

Jen Robbins

Alissandra's battle against the invasion continues. She has made to her destination only to be thwarted by the monarchy. The centaurs are close behind. What will become of Alissandra's plight in this the sixth chapter of the story.

Death by Jasmine Chapter 1: The Infirmary

Henry Bender

 part 2 of my new story. Jasmine wakes up in an infirmary and runs into an old friend...

Chapter 3 (The Wall of Prophecies)

Christopher Sillett

The Group travel to Orien where Kristena meets the priest and is taken to the wall of prophecies.  Meanwhile, the rest of them discover how far away from home they truly are.As with the other chapters, this is the uneditted version.

Kangaroo Mice

Chris Brant

Aye, I know what yer thinkin’. Kangaroo mice, cute lil buggars. Wouldna harm a soul, them mice. Bah! Yer wrong, an’ to th’ divil wit’ ye for yer sorry excuse fer thinkin’! But I’ma tellin’ ye, darkness lies behind those happy, black lil eyes! They’re bleedin’ evil, I tell ye! An’ ther’n nuthin’ ye kin do ‘bout it! Aye, I could tell ye a tale or two about them buggars…ah, ye wan’ ta hear one, ye say? Well then, it all starts a bit like this…

Rush Introduction ~story~

Erica Martin

Welcome to my favorite story so far. It's on-going and a cyberpunk story. I'm trying to keep the chapters short and sweet and I would love to hear everyones ideas and comments about 'Rush'. Thanks.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Seven

Holly Becker

Now Driel's story get more interesting. A waking prophesizes the death of two people, and naturally, Driel has to go save them.

The Lost Heart chapter 3- Moonstalker

Pia Sepman

Third chapter. I hope it's not boring.

Humpty Dumpty's Tale

Meg Rachor

Well, I had a random idea...what if Humpty Dumpty didn't just fall...A really sad failed attempt at humor on my part ^_^

In The Abyss (Part 1)

Heather Passow

This one was a bit large, so broke it into two segments. Upon losing the Clearing as a metaphor, I adopted the Abyss as my 'home' of sorts.

The Path of Ascension Chapter 9

José López Vega

Why would he whop slew the god of man want to protect him now? indeed if it was not a plot to murder him again. In the catacombs of Aria Vildran Alros shall encounter destiny...

Mirror Wall

Jason Kong

It is the story of a mirror, of self, and of the end of it all.

The Lost Heart chapter 4- Under the Wall and on the Wall

Pia Sepman

Chapter four. It took me few days to finish it.

The Legend Of Shadow Step-Chapter 8

rory braconnier

chapter 8

The Black Rose, Part 4 - Purple in the Shadow

Andrew Law

Part 4 of The Blask Rose. A new character is introduced (well, sort of), but will their actions prove to be for the good or ill of Asalria and Kasta?

My Heart

Martijn der Kleijn

It wrote this a few weeks ago. The title is rather self-explanatory I think.